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IMM 53

I had it in my head that I had a really quiet book week this week but I didn't at all when I think about it.

I got ...

Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver (UK Proof copy)
This is a lot younger than what I normally read but looks so cute (and is written by such an awesome author) that I'll probably give it a go anyways.

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton (UK paperback)
A huge thanks to Clover for this one. It looks ace.

Clash by Colin Mulhern (Signed UK paperback)
I couldn't make an event last week which Non from Catnip invited me to so she picked me up this bad boy - complete with signed dedication. I love having signed copies of books I love so I was very excited to get this through the post. Non was already one of my favourite booky people but this is awesome on a whole new level.

We can be heroes by Catherine Bruton (UK paperback)
This is a debut novel which I am excited to read - the author will be popping by the blog at some point soon to do a bookcase showcase post.

Bumped by Megan McCafferty (UK paperback)
I've been looking forward to this for ages, despite hearing mixed reviews. Will get to it soon.

Thank you to all my lovely commenters this week. Sorry I have been a bit AWOL. I am in the middle of exam marking season (having done close to 500 this week). I do appreciate every comment and will return the favour shortly!


Anonymous said…
That's definitely not a quiet book week lol. I can't wait to pick myself up a copy of Liesl & Po. It sounds so good.
The Library Owl said…
Great IMM! I love that cover to Darkness Becomes Her. I hope you enjoy them all :)
Vicki said…
I've been wondering about Darkness Becomes her so will watch out for your review!
serendipity_viv said…
That reminds me I need to read Bumped soon.
Alison Can Read said…
Great set! So lucky to get Liesl and Po. I want to read Bumped too.
Cara said…
Bumped looks so interesting! I've seen quite a few great reviews for it. Happy reading! :)
The Book Angel said…
Great IMM! Lots of awesome books! :) I heard a lot of good things about Bumped so I've been wanting to get that one. Haven't gotten around to it yet. There are just TOO many amazing books out there haha.

My IMM is here:
Alicia said…
Bumped looks pretty intriguing; great IMM!
My first ever one is here:
jayme said…
Oh I really enjoyed Bumped--the lingo is the best part! And the Darkness Becomes Her cover is lovely. Not a quiet week at all!
I read bumped and thought it was okay, but a ton of people I know loved it! I hope you enjoy it too! Here's my IMM! Happy reading!

-Jessica (Peace Love Books)
Anonymous said…
Haven't read any of these but Im excited about Lisel and Po! We can be heroes looks interesting :)

Happy reading.

Amy @ Turn the Page
Idris said…
Wow! Darkness Becomes Her! I prefer this cover than the US one... Is so nice...

Happy Reading! : )
I like the look of Bumped despite reading mixed reviews on it like you say. I'll look out for your review. Enjoy your books!
Sally said…
Great books this week. I may have to get Darkness Becomes Her soon.
Happy reading.
Erica said…
Bumped looks so good! Enjoy all your books :)
Nope, not a quiet book week :D Bumped sounds so good - I can't wait for your review, happy reading :D
KelliumSims said…
Bumped! You got Bumped! I love the sound of this one (will work on getting a copy) (:

Great books this week, by the looks of things
Nice mailbox for the week. I really want to read Bumped. Happy Reading
Book Sniffers Anonymous
Lovely haul this week! I love the cover of Darkness Becomes Her. Very different from the one in the U.S. I find myself really enjoying the covers of books overseas compared to here.

<3 Happy Reading!
Patricia @ Patricia's Particularity

P.S. If you have time you should stop by my Harry Potter Celebration!
Anonymous said…
Bumped is amazing! I really want to read Liesl and Po and Darkness Becomes Her!

Amazing book week!

Unknown said…
A great haul! Awesome stuff... I can't wait to read Bumped :)
Check out what's In My Mailbox

Mia @ Gripped into Books
Jenny said…
I really love that cover for Darkness Becomes Her! You got some good stuff. Liesl and Po look so cute! Enjoy your books! Here's what I got this week.
Bailey said…
I really need to get Bumped. It sound so unique! And the other books sound great, as well!! =)

In My Mailbox
Liesl and Po looks very good! Hope you like it. :)
Kaity said…
Lots of wonderful books, great IMM. I've got a copy of Bumped that needs reading too. I'm really hoping that I like it but the negative things I've heard about it are all things that I also dislike sooo we'll have to see.

Happy reading :)