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Waiting on Wednesday: The marked by Inara Scott

I loved the first book in this series and can't wait to get my hands on this one

The Marked by Inara Scott
Published August 2011

Dancia's back at Delcroix, but this year, everything's different. Dancia's Talented, and her powers have earned her an invitation to join Delcroix's real raison d'etre --the Program.  Dancia's wanted to use her powers to help people all her life -- and now Delcroix is going to give her the training she needs to use her Talent for good.  At least...that’s what the school says she’ll learn to do with her powers. Her cuter-than-cute boyfriend Cam insists that it's true, and so do all the other students. But there's still a little voice inside her head that wonders -- if the Program's so great, why did her almost-only-a-friend- Jack run away rather than join? And why would the school be getting attacked by angry ex-students?  Dancia's a loyal student...and a loyal girlfriend.  But if finding out what's really going on means talking to Jack, well -- it's a risk she just might have to take.


Cory K said…
I need to read the first one, but this looks so good!

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Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads
Kara_Malinczak said…
I still need to read that one, but man that cover is gorgeous. I want it when it comes out, so I'm getting on it soon.
Need to read the first one but the synopsis blew me away!

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YA Reader said…
I really enjoyed the 1st book and have been wondering when book 2 was coming out. Thanks!
BookGeek said…
Need to read the first one, but this one sounds pretty cool too!