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Random House Bloggers Brunch

I was going to do a huge in depth post about the Bloggers brunch I went to recently but as I am so pushed for time of late I am going to just leave you with three things

firstly a totally dopey picture of me (I had been up since 5:30am) with Lindsay Barraclough  (who might I add is lovely and actually knew my blog!) she signed my book and was really lovely.

Two the promise that all of the stuff coming from random house soon sounds amazing!

Finally a lovely picture of all the bloggers from the day. I had a fab time with them all as always with all the book chat and lunch and cocktails and book shopping. They truly are a fab bunch of people.


Sarah said…
It was such a fun day wasn't it! I'm so excited about all the books RHCB have coming out :o)
It sounds like you all had a fab time :D

Maybe one day I'll get to come ;)