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Bookcase Showcase: Mary from our book review

 Today I am joined by Mary from our book review ...

Downstairs on display are tidy bookshelves with nicely bound classics and not so tidy ones full of gardening and cookery books.

Upstairs is where they really start to take over - a complete wall of the spare room/study is shelved  - looking left and right. 
Being in the spare room they tend to get a lot of things that aren't books dumped on and around them. There is 'supposed' to be some order in here - Top left is crime/spy fiction, below it non-fiction history, diy. On the right, 3 shelves of  fantasy/sci fi, a 'only read of one of us' shelf, dropping down to paperback classics from Pamela 

The centre shelf has modern fiction above and my hoard of knitting and needlecraft books below

There's also a bookcase given over to teen fiction though the Teen has taken some of her favourites to her room.

On top of it is the main To Be Read pile though there's also lots of unread crime/thriller books picked up through Freegle waiting in boxes

The last, but special, shelf is the Teen's almost complete collection of books written and/or illustrated by Jackie Morris.

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Jules said…
Great shelves and so many books!!!!
wow, some beautiful looking books, I love the bound classics on the first pic!
Your shelves look amazing, I would love to have that many books! unfortunately I don't have a spare room though! :(
Anonymous said…
OMG you have a few books there. I love that pretty pale blue bookshelf. It looks awesome. And it's fully of teen books which is even more awesome lol.
Oh wow!
I can't wait to get my own place and have such big bookcases.
Great bookcases, thanks for sharing
A wall of books looks/sounds incredible! I'd love to have that. I love the look of your shelves, with the different stacks and other things in front. Perfect.
maryom said…
I've only just discovered this posting! Duh!
thanks everyone for such nice comments about out untidy shelves. The pale blue theme started by Hubby painting some dark brown IKEA bookcases but then he made the Teen lit one from an old wardrobe. If I had more house room, I'd get him to make more.
The fancy classics are a combination of modern Collins - which are hardbacks but almost pocket sized - and inherited ones from my Granddad, the only other real reader and book collector in my family which makes them very special.