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Bookcase Showcase: The Slowest Bookworm

Today I have something different from Karen from the blog The Slowest Bookworm.

She has done a showcase post featuring her Kindle Books


An interesting post there! I recognise quite a few of these titles. I can second that recommendation for the Fever series, really good books!
How many of all these have you read Karen?
Karen C said…
Thanks Kirsty! I'm glad the vlog worked ok.

Sally - I've read about 30 of them so far. I know, I really need to read faster. I will get to them all at some point :-)
tthepageturner said…
Gone, Bite Club, and Hollowland are amazing!

Awesome post! :D
Karen C said…
I've just checked up on Goodreads and Out of Thin Air is called The Things That Keep Us Here in the US :-)
Mel said…
Hi Karen,

I love being nosy with bloggers shelves and seeing your kindle books makes me really quite jealous - although I am quite happy to see a few that I already own there! :-)
Anonymous said…
A very interesting and rather different post, Karen! Though I don't know how you can stand having so many Kindle books. They look so much prettier when they're sitting on your bookshelf! :)

I don't think I've read many of those (probably only 3 or 4), but I do recognise quite a few of the titles and they're ones I definitely want to try and get round to sometime! :)
Oh oh I love it. Great post. I want an ipad I think I really really really need one lol :D :D
Great post and I love the idea of showing us your digital library :D
Jules said…
So many great books!!
I absolutely LOVED this Karen, thank you for sharing that with us! How likely are you to choose to read an ebook over an actual book? I find that to be my problem - no matter how many books I have on my kindle, I'll always prioritise actual books. I wonder how long it will take me to change though?

You've got some excellent books there ahead of you! :)
Oh there's me saying you must have a lot of books on your kindle and you do! Wow =p