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Bookcase Showcase: The Slowest Bookworm

Today I have something different from Karen from the blog The Slowest Bookworm.

She has done a showcase post featuring her Kindle Books


An interesting post there! I recognise quite a few of these titles. I can second that recommendation for the Fever series, really good books!
How many of all these have you read Karen?
Anonymous said…
Thanks Kirsty! I'm glad the vlog worked ok.

Sally - I've read about 30 of them so far. I know, I really need to read faster. I will get to them all at some point :-)
tthepageturner said…
Gone, Bite Club, and Hollowland are amazing!

Awesome post! :D
Anonymous said…
I've just checked up on Goodreads and Out of Thin Air is called The Things That Keep Us Here in the US :-)
Mel said…
Hi Karen,

I love being nosy with bloggers shelves and seeing your kindle books makes me really quite jealous - although I am quite happy to see a few that I already own there! :-)
Anonymous said…
A very interesting and rather different post, Karen! Though I don't know how you can stand having so many Kindle books. They look so much prettier when they're sitting on your bookshelf! :)

I don't think I've read many of those (probably only 3 or 4), but I do recognise quite a few of the titles and they're ones I definitely want to try and get round to sometime! :)
Oh oh I love it. Great post. I want an ipad I think I really really really need one lol :D :D
Great post and I love the idea of showing us your digital library :D
Jules said…
So many great books!!
I absolutely LOVED this Karen, thank you for sharing that with us! How likely are you to choose to read an ebook over an actual book? I find that to be my problem - no matter how many books I have on my kindle, I'll always prioritise actual books. I wonder how long it will take me to change though?

You've got some excellent books there ahead of you! :)
Oh there's me saying you must have a lot of books on your kindle and you do! Wow =p