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Bookcase Showcase: SisterSpooky: Book Fangirl

 Today's post is from a blogger who I have only just recently discovered the lovely Laura from  SisterSpooky: Book Fangirl

How my bookcase works aka how I ran out of space in my bookcase and where the other books are now

So I have one main bookcase in my room and it's basically full. 

It has to share space with my DVD collection and my 7 inch vinyls and the top shelf is a mini collection of my My Chemical Romance goodies.  I'm a bit of a movie addict and i've got one large shelf of movies and one shelf of DVD boxsets but that's not what the bookcase is for now is it; it's really about the books!  I'm a real freak about keeping my books nice and tidy so all series have to be next to each other and in order.  This is one of the many reasons I don't like it when a book series changes its covers mid way into a series. *growl*

I tend to only keep books I really love and likely read again or else I pass them along to another friend/blogger or donate to charities shops seeing as  I get most of my books there too.  I have some books tilted on their sides just because it means I can get more in one shelf. 

The other shelves hold my collection of graphic novels and music/movie based books and then I also have more fiction books that vary in size and shape so are a bit hard to stack like the others.  I have a lot of comics but they all get stored in special bags and then in their own box.  I'm all about order and tidy books!

The other two main places I have books are in my cupboard that has excess books that don't fit on my shelf, books I read at university and realy liked but are a bit 'heavy going' to have sitting next to my lovely YA books.  Don't want them having book envy now do we?!

Also I have very large coffee table like books on other subjects like Brain Froud, who's art work I adore, and Marilyn Monroe.  They are lovely books just to look at but they are huge and heavy so generally stay in the cupboard unless I'm feeling the need to look at all the lovely photos or art to cheer me up.

 The last spot for books in my room is the To Be Read pile also known as the leaning book tower of doom.  I buy books, i win books, i get gifted books and they are stacked there....the idea is once the pile can't take it's own weight anymore or falls down then that's the sign to stop buying but so far that hasn't happened.  I think it's down to my mad skills at Jenga and Tetris that all my books stay where they are but the main factors in my bookcase organising is that series MUST stay together,  I like to have them in a sort height order if I can just for visual pleasure but I like books in their right place!

That's about it for my bookcase!


Anonymous said…
That is one tidy bookshelf! And that last pile definitely deserves the title of 'leaning book tower of doom'... It is rather daunting... And high...

Well, at least you have a bookcase... My books are in cupboards, in double stacks, because there is nowhere else for them to go...

Good luck getting through all of them! :)
serendipity_viv said…
Do they still make 7 inch vinyls??? OMG.

I had to laugh at your TBR pile. It looks vaguely familiar.
Mel said…
I'm with you when series change style of book half way through - if it was just the covers I could cope but so many have changed size as well and that messes up the book shelves no end!

Love your TBR pile - can you reach your own height in books? That would be fun! :)
Anonymous said…
LOL I am amazed that pile of books hasn't fallen down yet. You must be very good at Jenga!

Love seeing everyones bookshelves. This is a great post.
prophecygirl said…
I love Laura and her Jenga skillz. Look at that leaning tower of books!

Oh, and it really annoys me when a series changes style/covers partway through. ARGH.

Nice post dudes :)
Oh wow! =)
I am shocked that big pile hasn't fallen!
Essjay said…
I love your shelves. Also, massive love for having 7" singles - I have a collection of those too. Impressive and scary tbr pile!
Wow- I love looking through everyone elses bookshelves- I'm totally drooling over how many books you have but I recognise loads of your books from my shelves. Love the leaning book tower of doom! My to-read pile is about as big but split into 3/4 differnt piles- I don't think I'm as good at Jenga!
Unknown said…
shelves after my own heart. Awesome!-CJ
SisterSpooky said…
Glad everyone enjoyed seeing the shelves and the reading pile of doom!

Ha ha

Thanks for letting me join in in this feature; it was awesome
I love your shelves Laura!
They are awesome but couldn't help notice that you dont have your Harry Potters together... I would be twitching if all ym HP's weren't together. I dont evn like taking one out to read as the set looks incomplete! haha
Also impressed with your leaning tower of doom... How has that not fallen over!?! And love the yellow Docs too ;)
Great post and I'm impressed that the reading tower of doom is standing :D

*Takes notes on how to sort out bookcase* :D
The TBR tower is fab. Love the yellow docs :D And the MCR vinyls :D :D
Aww, I LOVE seeing your bookshelf and that flipping AWESOME TBR tower. It really made me giggle when you said you had great skill at Jenga :)