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Bookcase Showcase: Jodie from Books for Company

First off, thank you for having me on your site Kirsty! I love visiting you and reading your reviews & posts =)

So here are my bookshelves, l actually did a bookshelf tour vlog here, feel free to visit!
I have my own shelf under my desk for books l have read, most don't stay there for long before they get passed onto friends/bloggers/charity shops or l swap =)

First off is my romance shelf, ALL the books are unread on this bookcase. This is my biggest shelf but being honest, l haven't read a book off her for months and months (!) My nephew also has his little corner on the left at the bottom =)
1st & 2nd shelf - Lots of books on here that l want to read!
3rd shelf - These are mostly quite big books!

I have added pictures of every shelf, click on the links to see them.
All unread minus 1 book.
1st shelf, 1st row - This is my vampire shelf, even though there is one odd book out.
1st shelf, 2nd row - This has just random books to be honest, most are for review!
2nd shelf - This is another random shelf, some l have won, some brought, some for review
3rd shelf - Mostly my Sookie Stackhouse series, the rest l was lucky and got for review (minus 1)
So that's my YA, Paranormal etc shelf!

Finally, this is a hard shelf to photograph as it's high up, it has to lots of 'layers' and couldn't get one of the first lot. Too difficult to get them all down! Sorry. Another romance shelf mostly.
All unread
Hope you enjoyed looking at my books! =)


Mel said…
Great shelves Jodie - I tend to keep my books by genre as well! :-)
KelliumSims said…
They have to be the most organised shelves I've ever seen! It must have taken ages to sort through them all when you first decided to put them in order of genre.

Thanks for having me!!
My little shelf (second picture) is now FULL!

Kate - They used to be oragnised, since then it's got all crazy on white shelf!
serendipity_viv said…
Saw Starcrossed on your shelves - you are going to love it! Thanks for letting us have a sneak at your shelves.
Jess said…
Great shelves Jodie! Quite a few on there I want to read :)
What very neat and tidy looking shelves! I wish mine were as tidy.