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Review: Blood on my Hands by Todd Strasser

Blood on my Hands by Todd Strasser
Published by Walker
Challenge: None
Source: Review Copy (UK paperback)

Blood on her hands is a really gripping read. I devoured it in the space of two or three hours in one sitting and really enjoyed it.

If I had to say what book this is most like I would say it is like a slightly younger Lois Duncan mixed with a teen horror flick. It's not too gory and has loads of suspense and mystery that keeps you both engaged and guessing throughout the entire book.

The story starts quite dramatically. Callie is found with a knife in her hand standing over a girl who has been stabbed. The conclusion that is instantly jumped to is the one that Callie was the one to kill her. Callie runs despite the fact that it makes her look even more guilty claiming that it was nothing to do with her and she found the other girl that way.

This is one of my review where I'm not going to tell you anything more about the plot or what happens as I think I would spoil it if I did. What I will say is this. The story was written in such a way that I didn't see the final outcome of whodunnit coming and was surprised at the ending (certainly not a book where you can read the last few pages and not spoil the whole thing). The thing I also loved about this book is that the teenagers are really well done. The popular girls in this book, Katherine in particular, as real bitches and brilliant characters to read about. The only niggly thing I had about it which I wasn't too sure on was Callie's reasoning behind running which I didn't get (you'll see what I mean when you get there)

All in all a fab (but tame from a gore point of view for you squeamish girlies) horror/thiller which kept me guessing right until the end. I am already looking forward to book two.


l really like the sound of this, l love books which are not predictable!
l am a bit too much of a wimp for a horror though
Oh I hadnt heard of this one. Great review as always
Just finished reading this and Its actually book #2 in the Thrillogy Trilogy. Im a new follower
Book #1 was Wish You Were Dead ,