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Bookcase Showcase: Author Mila Gray

One of the wonderful perks of being an author is the FREE BOOKS! It’s like supermarket sweep and makes me deliriously happy. This wonderful bunch of books is made up of some books that Pan Macmillan sent me and I bought myself. I devoured them all. I really loved The Interestings and Shotgun Lovesongs.

This is one of my bookshelves. I’m actually packing up to leave Bali (sob sob) so I’ve already donated a ton of books to the school and library and to friends.  

These are the ones I’m shipping because I can’t bear to part with them. I have a lot of Dave Eggars, who is up there with David Mitchell as one of my all time favourite authors.

Night Film was a firm favourite last year, as was Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers which was recommended to me by some bloggers in Singapore when I visited.

I read very eclectically - from YA through to literary fiction and memoir and would encourage anyone who wants to be a writer to do the same! 

Mila's latest book Come back to me is out now



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