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Bookcase Showcase: Author Emily Murdoch

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog today! 

So here we are, hanging out between two of my bookshelves, talking – what else? – BOOKS.
The bookshelf above contains books I donated to a high school student here in the United States, whose senior project involves distributing books to children who can’t afford books of their own.
I’m a bibliophile, no different than many of you who love books. Some of these books are my all-time favorites, and I’ll admit my heart crumpled at the thought of bidding any of them farewell. They deserve a good home where they’re loved and treasured, I told myself with a sniffle, as the plain brown box deposited in the mail became their wings out into the world.   
Because who can imagine being a child (or adult!) and not reading The Diary of Anne Frank, or Esperanza Rising, or insert your favorite book here? I can’t. Nor can I imagine a childhood without books. 
As for my real shelves …
Even more so as a published author, I have a hard time answering who my favorite authors are, or what I’m currently reading. I angst over forgetting an author, or leaving others out. All I can say is, there are so many worthy, talented authors out there for us to discover. I believe in the librarian’s credo, that there’s a book for every person – many, many books over the course of a lifetime – waiting to delight us, move us, shake us, remind us of the magic we discovered long, long ago.

Happy reading, everyone! Long live books!


Anya said…
Ooh, I hate getting rid of books, even when I really have to!