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Bookcase Showcase author Keris Stainton

I used to be fanatical about keeping books, but once I started reviewing and then writing, I had to be more ruthless. Now I only keep books I really love (and sometimes not even then; if they're easily available from my local library and I'm running out of space, even much-loved books sometimes have to go) (which is why the Princess Diaries and Harry Potter series aren't here). 

These shelf units actually have five shelves, but the bottom shelves are my husband's books and magazines, so I've ignored them! 


Ah, my Secret Shame Shelves (No Longer a Secret). These are the books I've been sent for review and have yet to read. Some of them I've had for AGES. Some of them have been sent to me by lovely bloggers when I've said "Ooh! I really want to read that!" and then they sit there... so embarrassing. 

I made the bugs with my 3-year-old a couple of weeks ago. We were quite proud of them.


This is half of the next shelf. (The other half is yet more unread books.) The Eloisa James series that I adore and some favourite New York books. I bought the little ornament in Greece years ago, because the old fella's mournful expression made me laugh. 


The left of the top shelf is dedicated to signed books and books by some of my friends. The Jennifer E Smith proof is there because it was the first book I was quoted in as an author, rather than a reviewer. From The Power of One (my favourite book of all time) onwards, along with the next shelf, are some of my favourite books. The Armistead Maupin books on the right are first editions, which still thrills me since they're my other favourite books of all time. 

I bought the Willow Tree ornament a few years ago - it means "Courage". But one day, when I was arranging the shelves, I knocked her off and she lost an arm. So she stays tucked in to the books now. (The photo on the next shelf is my mum when she was young.) 


Next shelf down are some of my favourite YA and children's books, including the Enid Blyton books from when I was a kid. Rockoholic is on the top cos I just finished it this week and haven't made space for it yet. 


The other half of the above shelf. Some favourite non-fiction and parenting books, along with a couple of Sweet Dreams books. I was OBSESSED with Sweet Dreams books as a teen and Thinking of You was my absolute favourite. 


Zoe said…
Great books and great shelves! :) I see lots of books that are amazing on your Secret Shame Shelves... *tut tut* ;) Thanks for posting!
Keris Stainton said…
I know, Zoe! Which one do you think I should read next? :)
Love that you've named one of your shelves the Secret Shelves of Shame hehe :D
Keris Stainton said…
You see Wicked there, Jesse? *blushes*