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another one of my blogging ettiquette rants

To all the bloggers out there who sometimes think that the fact that you are 'hiding' behind a computer screen means you can say whatever the hell you like to whoever you like and ignore the social niceties called manners.

Can I ask on the behalf all of the bloggers out there who know how to behave in polite society because the actions of few give us a bad name.

Firstly you are entirely entitled to dislike a book. You are entitled to write a bad review of that book if you so wish and put it on your blog and tweet about it. However just think about what you are doing when you directly tweet that author / publishing house and air your opinions and the position you put that author in. Firstly they are generally going to feel like crap about something they have slaved over and secondly they can't go out there and start complaining back at you because it'll blow up into another author/blogger saga. As a rule of thumb think "would I say this to the person face to face?" If not don't do it.

Secondly if you go on twitter and start moaning and complaining that you want ARCs and you want them now and generally craze the backside of everyone following please think about how spoilt and ungrateful you look. Especially if you don't actually review all that much on your blog but instead fill it with memes etc. Blogging isn't about the free books, it never was and quite honestly if you are going to behave like that you don't deserve them.

Thirdly please please please can you just follow the mantra of "if I have nothing nice to say to other bloggers I shall say nothing". The case in point being a few weeks after the Story Siren Saga had died down I noticed one blogger still tweeting insults at her. Don't get me wrong I get why people were upset at the time but however you feel about that whole saga just let it go. The girl doesn't deserve to be public flogged for the rest of her existence.

I'll finish by saying to all my lovely UK blogging friends the following:

I'm so pleased we are too British to do blogging related drama. I love the fact that we all get on brilliantly and I am always grateful for your general wonderfulness. Keep being awesome!


serendipity_viv said…
Ah I love you Kirsty! *squeezes hard*
I couldn't agree more!! Very well put :)
Anya said…
Ah, to be a British blogger and not even realise this drama was happening. I can't believe people even behave like that - I mean, I moan about not getting ARC's but I'm just starting out and get plenty of books from my friends anyway, I like to think I'm not a bitch about it!
Anonymous said…
I completely agree about the face to face part, that's how I judge the critical reviews I write, along with could I take it if the positions were reversed?
Its so sad theres so much blogger drama right now, it's not about that or arcs, you're right, it should be about books and a love for them. The Arc thing is hard for new bloggers, and it perhaps wrongly has become the status symbol for when you're making it. As a relatively new blogger myself, I had to be carefully not to get swept away when I started getting Arcs and make sure I can review all the books I get.
Anyway, long comment aside, you're a great blogger and I feel really happy you guys have welcomed me into the fold as you're great people I'm so happy I met and excellent reviewers too.
I have no idea what drama is going on now, but to be honest even if I did I would not involve myself with it.

"I'm so pleased we are too British to do blogging related drama. I love the fact that we all get on brilliantly and I am always grateful for your general wonderfulness. Keep being awesome!"

Back at you and every other Brit Blogger :)
Sarah said…
I love this post and completely agree with every word! Keep ranting Kirsty :o)
Totally agree Kirsty and feel lucky to count myself among a fabulous group of British bloggers :)