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I need your help

Hello all

A completely random one from me today. I need your help!

At school I have a wall called the "ask a historian" wall. On it I have pictures of famous historians and if the kids have questions that aren't relevant to the lesson rather than break up the flow of the lesson I get them to write them on post-its and put them on the historian they think will be able to answer it.

The problem I have is I don't watch enough TV to know who the kids would recognise, even vaguely as a historian. Do you have any suggestions of who I could include?

So far I have
Andrew Marr
HM Castor (writer but with a history degree and she visited us at school)
Michael Mosely (a scientist really but doesn't medical history programmes)
Dan Snow
Carenza Lewis

Any suggestions? The only requirement is that they are still alive and the cooler the better!


The guy who writes the Horrible Histories books maybe? Is it Terry Deary?
Anonymous said…
So that leaves out watching Horrible Histories then :P

What about Tony Robinson? He's the guy that does all the Time Team programs and was Baldrick in Blackadder. I don't know if the kids will recognize him though, but he is quite popular! :) Hope that helps though!
Well, I'm a (secondary) school pupil and I can't think of any historians that I know... Shameful, I know. ;) Then again, I don't really watch much tv or anything either...
I know Terry Deary though! He's cool! :)
Alwyn said…
David Starkey?
Mel said…
I was going to say Tony Robinson but Hannah beat me to the punch!
Hmmm...what about some historical writers as well - like Mary Hooper...? It's not quite on the same lines but might help get them interested. :-)
I say Terry Deary, but only if in the picture he is holding up a Horrible Histories book so the kids know who he is.

And David Starkey - he was on the Jamie Oliver Dream School show so maybe he is more recognisable now than he used to be?