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When you just can't find the words .....

Is it just me or are there times when you just can't find the words....

Ok ok let's be more specific because being honest there are a lot of days when I get muddled word wise as the kids I teach will testify. I'm actually talking about the times you read a book and love it so much that you cannot find the words to do it justice and then get stuck when writing a review for it.

I find this can happen for several reasons.

1) The book is just too fab but you can't find the words to explain its fab and wonderfulness

2) You don't want to include spoilers which means you can't say anything. I find this especially the case if the book is the 2nd/3rd/4th ... in a series.

My question to your dear bookish folk is how do you get around it? Any tips or helpful hints would be gratefully appreciated!


I think that enthusiasm and love for a book comes across in tone as well as words so even if you can't articulate it properly, your feelings are plain to see.
Rebecca-Books said…
When I'm writing a review thinking 'This is not justifying the greatness of this book', I do one of two options.
1) Sometimes I just don't write a review - especially if it's a book a lot of people have written a review about already.

2) If I do want to write a review, especially if it's a book that's not common or new, sometimes I just say the things that made the book for me. Let's face it, if you liked a book so much, it should come across in the tone as well as if it sounds like you're 'fan-girling' on it. Hope that helps! :)
Anonymous said…
I sometimes find this happening, too. I write my review, then rewrite it, then RErewrite it, and still it feels like my thoughts are chaotic and scattered and just aren't good enough. I try to avoid major spoilers in my reviews as much as I can, and sometimes it can be hard to do that while still giving a clear picture of what I felt about the book as a whole.

Other times, I feel like I could write an entire book about why I enjoyed a book, so having to condense that is a real pain!

So I totally get where you're coming from!
I totally get where you're coming from - I feel like most of my reviews don't live up to the book itself but like other people have said enthusiasm for a book you really love shines through no matter the words used.