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Review: Soul Fire by Kate Harrison

Soul Fire by Kate Harrison
Published by Indigo

Alice Forster regularly talks with her dead sister, Meggie, in the virtual world of Soul Beach - an online paradise where dead teenagers are held in limbo.

Alice has learned that if she can solve the mystery of someone's death in the real world, then that person is released from the Beach. Meggie needs Alice to solve her murder so she can be free, but as Alice is getting closer to discovering the murderer, the murderer is getting closer to Alice!

The second thriller in this utterly gripping trilogy for teens that explores social networking in a whole new way - Facebook for the dead!


This review is going to be quite short. Please don't think it's because I didn't enjoy the book because I really did. It's more because I can't say too much without spoiling it for others.

What I liked:
I liked seeing more Alice. I really liked her in book one and it was nice getting back to her. I loved seeing the relationships she builds around her.
I loved the suspense in this book. Throughout the story you are never quite entirely sure who to trust or whether the people Alice meets are being entirely honest with her.
I love the concepts and ideas behind this book. The whole idea of a place where you can go to hang out with the dead who haven't quite moved on is all a bit too .
I loved the scenes in Spain when Alice visits to try and dig deeper into the mystery of her sister's murder. You really get a feel for the city as Alice is walking around.

What could be better.
The ending is another killer cliff-hanger. I did feel a little bit cheated because as a reader I don't necessarily feel like I'm getting anywhere fast nor do I have a sense of closure with this book having been left hanging again

All in all a book I enjoyed. I cannot wait for Book three. I hope it lives up to the rest of the series.