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Bookcase Showcase: Kati Lear

Today on Bookcase Showcase we have Kati Lear who runs the blog  Jagged Edge Reviews.

My kindle is a bookshelf in it's self I have the Read folder which is the books I plan to read next there's games and the done folder and there is also the to read folder which is where I put books if they are not in the top 25 need to be read next. Normally I will put 25 books in the Read pile because it is my luck number there is only 24 because I am apart of a read-athon and have not had time to replace Vanish after I read it.

This is my TBR pile the bottom shelf is YA Science Fiction, the middle shelf is Adult Science fiction along with a bit of what is suppose to be in the top shelf. Realish books, on the top shelf next to the realish books are my murder mystery. Sadly I do not have many of those.

The top shelf is still part of my TBR pile those are the romance books. The next shelf down is my dad's books. you can tell he's a big fan of Clive Cussler.

 This is my done pile

Top top shelf is The storage, Top shelf is the lost and useless
The rest is the real shelf hahah.


Fab showcase - I'm amazed how most people are so organised with there books (not like me!)
25kati said…
Trust me you should see it now. I have so many books I had to stack and turn ALL my books.