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Bookcase Showcase Stephanie Burgis

Today on Bookcase Showcase I am pleased to have a guest post from author Stephanie Burgis

The first thing all of our visitors say is, inevitably: we don’t have enough bookcases! Not only are our bookcases full (and overflowing), but books are stacked in piles nearby, in our bedroom as well as our living room. I guess that what comes of two writers (and obsessive readers) marrying each other!

Something you’ll notice from the shelves is that, together, we read all the way across the genres. My husband and I both write and read fantasy, but he stocks up on big fat epic fantasies while I focus on slimmer urban, historical, and romantic fantasy novels, as well as “straight” historical novels. We both read (and write) children’s books, so we have lots of those on the shelf (you can see Y.S. Lee’s A Spy in the House in pride of place along with Ysabeau Wilce’s Flora Segunda, Linda Urban’s A Crooked Kind of Perfect and Elizabeth Marie Pope’s The Perilous Gard), but my husband also has Stephen King and Dan Simmons thrillers, while I have romances and history books, biographies and collections of Jane Austen letters.

And of course neither of us always sticks to our own traditional limits - I’m the one who adores Steven Brust’s The Phoenix Guards, a fat fantasy novel written in the style of Alexander Dumas, while Patrick loves Bernard Cornwell’s historical Sharpe novels.

And no matter how overcrowded they become, our bookcases are some of the most important parts of our house. So of course when it came to Christmas last year…well, what could be more important for the holiday spirit than to decorate the bookcases? ;)

Stephanie Burgis
If you would like to do your own BCSC guest post please contact me (my email address is on the bookcase showcase page). I have several spaces coming up over the next few weeks so would love to feature you.


Mel said…
I love the mixture of books on your shelves! I could spend ages staring at those pictures and trying to shout snap at various books! :)
Oh wow!=)
Definitely a good mixture, thanks for sharing.
Is there any structure at all to where the books are placed on the shelves? Because I'm staring at them and I can't really see any connection.. That must make it rather fun finding things :)

I do love the variety though!
Jessica said…
What are all those papers on bookshelf one? A manuscript? Hmm...