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Bookcase Showcase by Blogger Rebecca Books

Hello blogosphere! I'm Rebecca from book blog, Rebecca-Books ( I follow this feature mostly because I'm curious about what other bloggers/authors read or what they're shelves look like - sad, but true. So I was delighted to have the chance to do a post for this feature, so thank you to Kirsty for that. 
Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber - here are my shelves.

First and foremost, I must say I am only 16 years-old and I have this strange, quite annoying fear - I hate buying books unless I know what they're like. Basically, I don't like the feeling of buying a book for like £7.99 and then find out, it's not all that great. This means a lot of the books I buy are from authors I trust or ones that through my blogging experiences, have seemed worth the money. It also means a lot of my books are from charity shops - but oh well! It's cheaper and although, sometimes smelly, they are clean books. 

I have two stand alone book shelves (below) that live in the entrance to my room so get a lot of things dumped on them. Both are from the wonderful wonderland of IKEA (Love that place). 

My books aren't ordered alphabetically or anything, just with the same author together like below with Sarah Dessen and Anna Godbersen. My favourite authors that have multiple books are nearer the top of the bookshelf, mostly because it's easier to see them from my bed. Sometimes in the mornings I just lie in bed and stare at my bookcase, looking at all the spines, it's nice actually to see your own mini library. 
So yes, Sarah Dessen, Anna Godbersen, Patrick Ness and Mary Hooper are just some of my favourite authors - would definitely recommend them!


Then, at the bottom of the left bookcase, there is a small collection of stand alone books I have read with my treasured copy of Noughts and Crosses which has been read frequent times and I got signed by Malorie Blackman herself when she came to my local library in the summer. She is a lovely person and I would recommend this series too. Very, very good. 


Now, we move onto the right hand bookcase. Again, the top shelf has some more of my favourite books by Eva Ibbotson, Eve Edwards, Gayle Forman, Cora Harrison and of course, Anne Frank. I haven't read The Other Boleyn Girl yet, it's my friend's copy that I kind of left there. In regards to the car, that was from a Christmas cracker last year that I kept. There is a slight theme on this shelf - they're mostly all historical fiction which is one of my favourite genres. I love the thought that what I'm reading could have actually happened in reality.


Next, we come to my 'To-be-read shelf'. These are a selection of books that I am eager to read but haven't got round to reading them yet. There are other books I haven't read on the other shelves like What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen, but these books are ones where I can't fit them with other books by that author or are just stand alone books. A lot of these have been charity shop buys (e.g. The Lovely Bones) or found in a second hand bookshop on my travels (e.g. Peter Pan). I love old books, or ones that have been published before I was born. I don't quite know why but I love anything old and vintage looking. Also, at charity shops and second hand bookshops, they sell books very cheap so it's worth paying the money, even if you don't like the book in the end. 
A few of these books have been sent to me after winning competitions as a blogger. Like most book bloggers, I love getting books in the mail, that thud through the letterbox when you think 'YES, that is my book!' and the anticipation to read it...I love it and makes book blogging worth while.


That is the end of my main bookshelves by my door. I have a wardrobe with shelves that has other books which are either longer series like The Roman Mysteries or they are some books from my childhood that I don't quite want to throw away yet. There are some books that I bought for exams at school like Of Mice and Men and Pride and Prejudice. I liked these books, but well, when you analyse every single page for a 6 page long essay, you start to hate them a tad. 


And then, finally, the place where the book I'm currently reading lives. It is right by my bed so I can reach over easily to get it. I also have a Kindle and at the time of taking the pictures, I was charging it hence the Kindle on top of my current book. It's a bit of a mess but everything I need is on there. 


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at my book shelves as much as I did making this post. I, like most book fans, wish I could have a whole wall devoted to books...but alas, I don't think my parents would be as appreciative of that. Maybe when I'm older...
Thank you again to Kirsty for letting me guest post!


Manda said…
I have those exact same copies of Patrick Ness' books and it still bugs me that they don't all match!
Anonymous said…
I don't have many of the same books as you at all apart from the Harry Potter ones :-) Your shelves look very neat and tidy.
Zoe said…
Nice shelves! I want them! ;)
Rebecca-Books said…
Manda: I know I find it really annoying, it looks like its from a completely different series of books.

The Slowest Bookworm: hah thank you, however, I quickly tided them up before I took the pictures. They don't look like this now.

Zoe: haha, the IKEA bookshelves are great and really worth the money for the amount they hold.