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In my mailbox (72)

I got some fab books this week

Saving Daisy by Phil Earle (UK paperback)
I am so excited about this one as I loved Being Billy. Just about to start it later today.

Night School by CJ Daugherty (UK paperback)
This one looks awesome

Variant by Robson Wells (US paperback)
I've heard good things about this one so looking forward to it

Stolen away by Alyxandra Harvey (UK paperback)
I loved Haunting Violet but am worried about thsi one because I really don't get on with fairies

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Cicely said…
Night School looks so good! And I still have no idea what Variant is about, but it looks awesome! Happy reading :D
Jess said…
Oh fab books! Especially Night School can't wait to read that one :-) I'm the same I loved Haunting Violet but not keen on faeries so we shall see!
Kristina said…
Variant was a good read. I hope that you enjoy your new books!

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Amelia said…
Great books! VARIANT looks good. Will be looking for your review!
serendipity_viv said…
LOL, I think you already know what I think of Night School.
SisterSpooky said…
Variant has such a pretty cover too. it's what swayed me to buy it!
Anonymous said…
cool book haul the cover of variant is pretty cool i included in one of my cover love segments on my blog
happy reading!!!
-k said…
Variant looks (and sounds) like it's going to be amazing. The other books that you got also look good. The cover for Stolen Away is gorgeous!

Happy reading - enjoy all your books! - and Happy Holidays!
Ria said…
I loved reading "Variant." it was a nice change of pace from the female-centric YA fiction that seems to dominate the market at the moment, and weirdly, that actually made me more able to relate to the protagonist in spite of not sharing his gender. I definitely recommend it! Hope you enjoy!