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Bookcase showcase: Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf

Today's bookcase showcase comes from a blogger who I think is really awesome (and one of the few boys out there). I'll let him introduce himself....

Hi there! My name is Andrew from The Pewter Wolf ( and I have a confession to announce: I am a book addict.

I buy goodness knows how many books and, because of that, my bookshelves and my ToBeRead piles are a bit manic. I call it an organised mess, but I know others would disagree with me.

My bookshelves are probably the most organised. I try and keep authors and series together (Harry Potter practically takes one shelf!). If I can help with it, I try and keep the hardbacks and the paperbacks in the series together, also. But due to the fact I have bought or am reading a lot of books lately, my shelves have become a bit overflowing, but I am trying to keep some order to them.

However, my To Be Read pile is less organised. The pile is by my bed and in a bedside table's drawer and there is no real order to them. I usually try and put them in order of what book I would like to read next and try to stick to that order, but I am flexible so if a book comes out or I buy a book (which I shouldn't be at the moment! FAR TOO MANY BOOKS IN MY TO BE READ PILE!) which I think is a "Must Read", it jumps the pile and goes into my hands to read.

So, you can say these bookshelves and To Be Read piles is a little like me. A bit of an "organised mess".

Thank you Andrew!!!

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Krystal said…
What a nice looking book collection! I love any bookshelf in which the Harry Potter books can be seen. No bookshelf should be without them (in my opinion :)!)
Thanks for showing off your shelves Andrew. And good luck not buying any books~
serendipity_viv said…
I love it! It looks like a little corner you could hide in with your books. Andrew - you will love Tithe and Finding Sky.
Thanks for letting us delve in Andrew's little book world.
*swoon* You can just tuck yourself away in that corner :D
Dolly said…
Love looking at people's bookshelves :-) And mine too!! I spend so much time looking at. Thanks for sharing this Andrew.
Anonymous said…
Bookshelves! Mmmmmmm, I think I must say this to you every week lol I just love looking at peoples bookshelves!
Wow! I am completely drooling over your bookshelves! What a great collection. (I do the same thing with my huge to-read-next pile, and then a new book arrives in the post and skips the queue). I recognise so many books from my own shelves. Thanks for posting.
SisterSpooky said…
oooo! i love the little bookshelf nook! it's like a mini version of a 2nd hand bookshop or something. very nice
Great collection! =) Lots of great books
I love these bookshelves, Andrew - almost like a mini library in the corner :D
Oh I LOVE that book corner! And what a great idea, putting books in the drawers under the bed. I might just reshuffle mine and do the same, so N doesn't complain about seeing such massive piles on my bedside table! Thanks for sharing :)