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Norfolk Author Event: Charlie Higson 8th April 2011

I just wanted to let you all know about this author event which I should be going in Norfolk on 8th April

Charlie Higson will be in North Norfolk on 8th April. The event starts at 5.30 and will be held at Aylsham Lodge (which is about a 15 - 20 min drive out of Norwich)

For more details check out The North Norfolk Children's Book Group website including where to get your tickets from for the event

Charlie Higson is the author of the Young James Bond series and the Enemy series


Jessica said…
I love Charlie Higson! Is his second book coming out soon because I've been waiting for it. Tell him he's one of my favorite authors for me and that I have developed an unnatural love for zombies.
prophecygirl said…
Enjoy meeting Charlie - he's brilliant and very funny!
I wish we had a group like that in South Wales
Ooh! Exciting :) I love this series of books (though I've yet to read The Dead, I tell myself it's because I'm saving it!) and the Young Bond books! How great that there's still wonderful authors coming to your neck of the woods.
I love the Young Bond series and I'm enjoying Charlie Higson's zombie books too. Sounds like a great event!