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In my Mailbox (40)

Thank you as always Kristi for hosting IMM. Check out her website

I had a fab book week this week and got some really exciting things in the post.

Chime by Franny Billingsley (UK hardback)
I had no idea this was coming but it looks awesome - I have a bout 4 more books to read before I get to it but I can't wait.

Blood on my hands by Todd Strasser (UK paperback)
This is coming from Walker and looks amazing.

Long Lankin by Lindsay Barraclough (UK hardback)
The gorgeous lovely Rosi (who is even more lovely as she is a fellow UEA graduate) sent me a finished copy of this. It is gorgeous and you should all go and buy one now. The book is a debut novel and it is stunning, I was lucky enough to get a manuscript copy ages ago and loved it.

The Autumn Place Ondine by Ebony McKenna (UK paperback)
Another one that came by surprise - I think it is the second in a series and looks a little younger than what I usually read. Will have to hunt the first down and give it a shot

Divergent by Veronica Roth (UK proof)
There are no words to describe how unbelievably excited I am to get this!! Thank you so so so much HarperCollins

The Fool's girl by Celia Rees (UK paperback)
I have read Celia Rees before and I don't know why I haven't hunted more of her stuff down. This looks fab!

Please check out yesterday's bookcaseshow post while you're here by Kate from thatbookblog


Sally said…
I loooove the cover of Blood on My Hands - going to have to check that one out.
Everyone is super excited about Divergent I will have to make sure it is on my wishlist.
Happy reading.
Liz. R said…
Ooh, Chime looks great, as does Blood on My Hands! Got Divergent too and can't wait to read it. Happy reading!
Vicki said…
Yay for Divergent!!! Can't wait to see what you think! I'm a big fan of Celia Rees so hope you enjoy The Fool's Girl...I liked it a lot!
Seeing a lot of Chime, Divergent and the second Ondine book today. Can't wait to see what you and everyone else think about them, I'm excited for them. Happy reading this week!

Here's my IMM!
Rebecca said…
Great books you got this week. They all look really interesting. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.
Great book haul! I got Chime too and although it's not the kind of book I would usually read, it does look awesome like you say. The Fool's Girl is really good, I want to get round to reading more Celia Rees soon as I have Sovay on my bookshelf. Enjoy :)
SisterSpooky said…
nice collection this week :-)
Daisy said…
Oh my gosh, you got Divergent!! I'm so jealous!! Hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to reading your review :)
Mel said…
I haven't heard of any of those books, but they look like great reads! Long Lankin especially looks very spooky and haunting...
Jess said…
So many prettys this week! I hope you enjoy them all :)
Lovely book week. Happy reading :D :D
Anonymous said…
Oh you have Divergent too! I am so jealous of all you bloggers who received that this week. Total awesomeness lol.
Yiota said…
Long Lankin is creepy! Haha!
The rest books are great too!:D

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Cicely said…
I'm so glad you got Divergent! It is so freaking amazing. And I love Long Lankins cover. I can't wait to read it. Blood on my Hands looks awesome.
Happy reading! :D
You got Divergent!! Wow, I'm very envious! Great books this week :)
KelliumSims said…
So jealous that you got Divergent! The Fools Girl looks really good, its been popping up in a lot of IMM's this week. Hope you enjoy your new books :)
Thank you for the bookcase showcase yesterday
Fab books this week, The Autumn Place sounds really light hearted and fun. I have the first in the series on the way which sounds equally fun :D

Happy Reading :D
Alison Can Read said…
Fab reads! I can't wait to read Fool's Girl.
serendipity_viv said…
Ooh they look so good. I have Chime and Divergent coming thanks to the lovely Keris! I love seeing what everyone has got.
Anonymous said…
Great stuff this week! I like Todd Strasser's mysteries, hope you enjoy everything!
Just So Jess said…
I have heard great things about Chime and Divergent so I hope you like them. I haven't heard of the other books so I am off to go read about them.
Happy Reading :D
Aisle B said…
Want your Ondine and Fool's Girl... may I just sit here and oggle those books please :)
Ohhh, great mailbox! I haven't heard of a few of these, but they sound great. I can't wait to read Divergent! Happy Reading
Great week for you, they all look like good reads and will be interesting to see what you think of Chime =)