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bookcase showcase: Kate @ Thatbookblog

Today's post of by Kate from That Book Blog

Over to you Kate ....

Maybe I should start by telling you how I order my bookcase... there is no specific A-Z system, but it isn’t completely free range either. I insist on books by the same author being together (which may one day cause a problem with the next bookcase) and for series’ to be in the right order. As for standalone books by the same author (see the Maureen Johnson books on the bottom shelf) I order from left to right, the books that I have read to those that I haven’t gotten around to yet. On this case are my three favourite series: Noughts and Crosses, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games (Mockingjay is away at my friends’ house right now). As far as interesting stories as to how I got these books, only a few stand out... In the middle of the top shelf is a book, The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose, which I bought with a book voucher a teacher gave me after she accidentally tore a corner of one of my Twilight books. So, that was nice for me. I bought the last three Harry Potter books at midnight on their release dates, which I loved every year. If you haven’t been to buy a book at midnight, particularly one with such a large following, I strongly advise that you do. 

So, you may notice that the top shelf is largely populated by Jodi Picoult books, and considering she seems to get one out every year or so, within a few years I will need more than just one shelf to accommodate them all. On the bottom shelf of this case I keep a lot of reject-esc books. There are the biography’s (which I have read but aren’t really my type of book), the adult historical’s (which I am yet to read) and the school books (which have scared me too deeply to reread) – then there are the text books, my leavers book and programmes from plays and such things. There are three books on here which I have won: A proof of My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece from WondrousReads, Without Blood and Clockwork Heart which I won from Bangzo. On here is my copy of Peter Pan which I have adored since I was tiny and Before I Die which I cried over for longer than any other book that I have ever read.

Here are my Sparks’ and Dessen books, ones which I love but have to separate with a few different books before I can read another of. On the top shelf I have Pay it Forward which is one of the few books where I actually prefer the movie (that’s not to say that the book is bad, just that the movie is more powerful). On the bottom shelf I keep my classics: Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Shakespeare and some old fairy tale books, all of which I picked up at car boot sales. For some reason I also have two copies of the New Testament, which is odd considering I’m not religious.

Finally, we have the kids books that I’ve kept a hold of. Like most girls of my age, I read a fair few Jacqueline Wilson books and while I have lost a lot of them, these are the few that I have managed to keep over the years. Above that you will see my Lemony Snicket books, a series I got into after the movie came out a few years ago. They are books that I think every child/young YA reader should read at some point; they taught me a lot and gave me some good ways of remembering certain words and phrases (like ‘a murder of crows’ and the difference between nervousness and anxiety). Well, those are the books on my shelves. Let me know what you thought, if you have any that you either enjoyed or hated, that you want or that you are yet to open. I’d love to see what books you guys have on your shelves, too :)

Thank you Kate for showing us your shelves

If you would like to be featured in a future bookcase showcase I would love to have you. Check the bookcase showcase page for details


Erin said…
So interesting! Like you, I have to keep my books organized by author and series in their proper order.

We have a lot of books in common: Potter series (I only made it to one midnight buying, but it was so much fun!), Picoult (I just got her new book and I'm so excited to read it), Sparks, Dessen, Westerfeld, Lemony Snicket... Great minds think (and read!) alike!

Thanks for sharing.

Erin @ Quitting My Day Job
Mel said…
I love looking at others bookcases! It's great to see so many people with such a passion and different systems for ordering them. I love Jodi Picoult as well! :-)
Elodie said…
Wow !! Your bookshelf looks awesome Kate =) !! You've got some of my favorites books in it !!

I'm so sorry, I had completely forgotten to send you pictures of my bookshelf Kirsty .. Would you still be interested in them ?
I love this feature - thank you so much for doing it.
I have to tell you that I feel as if it is porn for book addicts. I am literally drooling over the books on other peoples shelves lol
I'm so glad someone else has a reject-esque shelf! My bottom shelf is very similar and I thought I should move those books elsewhere, but I'm not the only one! YAY!

I totally agree with Asamum too, this feature is total bookporn!
Anonymous said…
I love looking at other people's bookshelves. So cool. Great books on there :D
@elodie of course - whenever you can get them to me is fine!

fab shelves - yes emma porn for book lovers lol
Wow- love your bookshelves Kate- I recognise a lot of books from my own shelves. x
Wow, these posts are putting my organisation of books to shame.

Great post :D
Great bookcases!
So many pretty books! =)
l can see 'House Rules' there! l have that to read but it is so so big =o
Thank you for showing us your books Kate!

I really do adore this feature. LOVE seeing other people's books.
Anonymous said…
Can I have your bookshelves, plz? And the books to go along with them? Eh, I jest. It's just that, every time I come across a glorious bookshelf post, I am filled with envy. I wish I had bookshelves so I no longer had to stack my books up on the floor! They get knocked over so easily!

- Jackie
clairereads said…
I love the way you format your bookshelves -- and the books you have on there.

I have to agree with you about BEFORE I DIE, I think I must have cried for around 15-20 minutes after I finished it. I still remember that I was at my aunties and I stumbled outside crying so much - my mum thought I'd hurt myself of something!!! It was such a powerful book and ending!