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Bookcase Showcase: Nayu's reading corner

Today I am joined by Jessica of for another instalment of bookcase showcase.
The first picture of my review TBR books, is actually two piles, one behind the other. These are books I'd like to read for my 2011 challenges, as well as the books which I need to give priority. There are a few missing because the next couple of books I'll be reading usually stay on my bed (I do take them off at night), just so I don't forget them. 

The second photo is an overall view of my shelves where I keep my books, for perspective. The bottom shelf is where I keep my review books. I put the oldest on the right, and the newest on the left. The piles which are on the left of the second shelf are the books which have several months before publication. 
My method of keeping review books is admittedly a little hap-hazard. I keep a word document (not a spreadsheet), of which books I've been asked to read. All the rest are unrequested, and will all get read eventually. I did try putting post-its on the books with the publication date, and whether it was requested or unrequested but that idea soon got ditched when I would read them out of order. I don't envisage that my method of storing books for review will change any time soon. It's simple enough that I know what I need to read next. It's easy to add new books to the shelf, because by the time they arrive I've usually devoured enough book to create space for them. 
My method works for me. I do admire those with more sophisticated systems, but it's not for me. I hope someone keeps their books in a similar way to me!


Nayuleska said…
When seen like that, all in one place, I have a lot of books. Thanks for having me post about my book shelves for you :)
Mel said…
Wow - your collection looks amazing! I love the organised choas! I can never keep track of what I should read next either - and with the kindle I far too many eArcs to cope with! :-)
KelliumSims said…
Such a lot of books, you've made me jealous, for sure.
I admire people who can keep an organised mess. My messes are usually just that, with not a drop of organisation to them.
Wow! Such a lot of books! Mine are everywhere too: bookcases, on top of bookcases, windowsills, I even have a huge pile under my bed!
Have fun reading all your books!
Jess said…
Mine are all over the place as well looks very similar to my shelves! But I think if it works for you thats all that matters :) and you have a great collection of books!
Oh, I love all your teddies! And I'm so glad that I won't be the only one with shelves that aren't immaculate :)
Wow! Your bookcase looks crazy! (in a good way of course!)
I love all your teddies! they liven it up even more. I only have a couple of things other than books on mine but thats mainly cos the boyfriend has total OCD and would go crazy if my shelves were like yours!
Thanks for sharing your books with us! :D x
Nayuleska said…
Thanks everyone! I was worried that I would be the only messy one...the top few shelves have my personal books :)

I love teddies! I have a huge Eeyore & Lumpy on my bed.

I totally admire people with immaculate shelves. I've tried it - but it's not for me. My family feel I could open my own book shop!
Wow, I love your bookshelves and the teddies really brighten it up even more - it's like they belong there :D
So cute :D I love seeing other peoples bookshelves :D
So many books! Very busy bookshelves and lots of great books
Amanda W said…
My system for organizing and shelving my books is even more haphazard than that! (mostly because I don't get requests for reviews yet -- I just started blogging book reviews) But it works for me too. Thanks for sharing your shelves!
BookGeek said…
My system when to crap when I started packing things up for my move this weekend. I am not looking forward to unpacking and reorganizing. :( Love your book shelf animals!