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Bookcase Showcase: Much Loved Books

Kirsty has kindly agreed to let me ramble on about my bookcases so that is what I am going to do.
At this moment in time I am waiting to move, so unfortunatly at the moment I have 4 empty bookcases and at least 11 boxes of book waiting to be moved.  This is my current home for my books, I think one little box has games/DVD's but the rest are books, even the big boxes
I do however have 2 shelves of books that I purposely kept out, either they are books to review on my blog Much Loved Books, or they are books waiting to be read when I get the time.
On the first picture, the books on the left of the shelf are my review books.  These books have either already been released with a second one out soon or are new out next year, so I have a lot of reading to catch up on for new releases.
The books in the middle are books I got from Harper Collins event, or books that are my own and even my signed copy of The scorpio races, the books on the right are books that I need to read, again either my own or books I have won.  I do have to admit the tatty destroyed book (A Game of Thrones) on the top is not mine, its my brothers that got wet when he went on holiday, I am horrified at the state of it but since he said i HAD to read it I reluctently borrowed it off him.
Now the second shelf are all my own books waiting to be read, some of them are new to the shelf but still can't wait to get stuck in.  These are some that I really want to drop everything to read (i love Rachel vincent so Shifters is a main priority)
All of these books are probably half of the pile of books on my TBR pile that I own, I have easily at least 50 books I want to read bookmarked on my computer, I have another box full of books also waitng to be read with more fantastic authors but sadly I have no time at the moment.  If all my books were actually on their bookcases I would have sent a photo of my favourite shelf, it has my David eddings books in it.  He was one of the first authors i read just for fun and it was my Nan's books I ended up reading but have since been replaced as they were so well read by everyone the pages were falling out, and also my big masive books for Lord of the rings, with the 3 stories in one, again another one of my Nan's books.  I would probably show my shelf with all my signed books on it too (Maureen Johnson, Will Hill, Rachel Caine, Ilona Andrews, Magie Stievfater, Jana Oliver, Jeyn Roberts and Cassandra Clare).
I really dont know what I would do without books, I love reading and probably have far too many books as it is. 
Even though I have a lot of books, my friends will not lend books off me.  I have some OCD issues with my books, you cant eat or drink by them, you cant bend pages to mark where you are up to, you cant break the spine or even crease it a tiny bit.  Any books that belong to a  series have to match, so if they release the newest book to that series  in hardback (like House of Night) I get the hardback version then when paperback is out i replace the hardback with paperback.  My series also have to match in the artwork style or colouring and actual size of the book.  David Eddings is one series that has been a pain to match I managed to get all but 2 books all with black spines, the 2 odd ones had a hint of blue, so I had to inspect every book shop and actually took my own book to match them all up. When my books are all back in thier proper homes they have set places to go, either authors books all together, or similar story theme together.  I am that strict about their placement that I can be in a book shop, ring my boyfriend and direct him to a shelf on my bookcase and get him to tell me what book I have.  I had to do this with my Vampire Academy books as they changed from black to red so I had to replace my black books and rang him to direct him to the shelf and he told me what books I had in black. Although when I was packing all my books I took photos of them all so I knew where to put them when we moved.

 In fact here are some photos which I remembered I had of my deshelving in process, not all my books are shown but again this is just a small example. 


Mel said…
Ooo, I recognise a lot of those books as I won most of them myself. Rachel Vincent's shifter series is great - you need to read it as soon as you can especially as you don't have to wait ages for the next book to come out! :)
So many good books on those shelves!
Great bookshelves! We have a lot of the same books, so I like being nosy to see what else you've got :D
So organised!
Fab showcase and lots of good books for you to get stuck into!
How I missed this I dont know :D, I have been stalking your posts waiting for mine and somehow missed this one >_<.

I miss my organised book shelves, I am still waiting to move and now have even more book added to my own "waiting to be read pile".