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Review: Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Voyage
Published by Hodder
Series: Tiger Saga #3
Source: Review copy

In the third installment of the Tiger series, Kelsey Hayes pushes through the pain of lost love and strengthens her friendship with Kishan. Despite his strong feelings for her, Kishan has agreed to be her ally in helping her reunite with the man she still loves. Together, they seek to help Ren regain his memory and begin the search for the third magical gift—an object of power that will help break the curse that causes them to live part of their lives as tigers.

They board a luxury yacht and seek Durga's aid once again, who supplies them with her golden weapons. With Nilima, Mr. Kadam, Ren, and Kishan at her side, she soon learns that the task ahead will be even more difficult than the others. Confronting a dark magician, multiple dragons, and terrifying denizens of the deep seems easy when compared to facing the daunting task of stitching up her heart. Just when she thinks she's ready to set her feet on a new path, she is yanked back with a jolt to the one she's determined to leave behind.

The jarring tug-of-war that ensues for Kelsey's heart leaves her anxious and confused. Combined with the stress of almost being killed every other day, it would appear that saving the tigers is almost more than she can handle. Still, she presses on, knowing that a choice is looming on the horizon. One she cannot put off making for long.

Tiger's Voyage is an irresistible romance with a barrage of action on the high seas, where a reader will find a treasure chest full of dragons, sea monsters, knights in shining armor, fabled weapons, and enduring love. The tropic waters of India create the backdrop for the latest installment in the tiger series. This novel, a multicultural take on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, delves into the complex emotional turmoil and pressure associated with not only making the best choice for a nation but also the best choice for yourself.

The Tiger series is one of the series I am most keenly following at the moment. There are many things I love about it as a series and after reading Tiger's voyage I am still just as desperate to get the next instalment but for me this latest instalment was not as strong as the first two.

I love how different this series is. It's paranormal romance for people who are bored to death with vampires and werewolves and in that respect it is a breath of fresh air as it is nice to read something completely original.

I love that the action in the story is fast paced and exciting and you never quite know how things are going to turn out. The end of this book in particular left me completely on the edge by the end and left me with feeling like I had just been on a full on roller coaster ride.

However I found myself getting frustrated at several things in this book.
Firstly the book has several references in a huge amount of detail to the food the characters eat. I don't actually care what they are eating and often feel like those scenes are fillers making the gaps between the action longer which I found increasingly more frustrating as the book went on (maybe this was always the case with this series but this instalment is a long one).

I found the sheer arrogance of Ren and Kishan and their over protectiveness very very irritating in this book. I wanted to shake both of them to tell them to get over themselves quickly. I don't know why Kesley puts up with it either.

Finally I found Kesley to be a bit of a tart in this book in the way in which she played the boys off each other flitting between the two desperately needing to have a boyfriend in her life. I also wanted to shake her a little bit and tell her to get some self respect.

All in all not as strong an instalment as I had hoped for (although my mum, who read my copy before me, loved it more than the first two books) but certainly a series I am keen to continue following.


serendipity_viv said…
I did enjoy it just as much as the other two. I liked the differences with the tasks and the inclusion of dragons.
There were dragons though! Who cares about the food or the relationships or any other niggles about reading the books (I actually didn't have any small annoyances at all, though!) when there are DRAGONS. I really loved this book and the series :)