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Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses series

Today's post isn't a review as much but just an excuse for me to fan girl away about the awesomeness that is Malorie Blackman and her noughts and crosses series

I'm going to start my saying I freaking love Malorie Blackman and everything I have read to date of hers I have loved. I was lucky enough to meet her back in September through an event planned by the North Norfolk Children's Book group (which I would totally recommend you join if you live in Norfolk and love children's books). She was as warm and bubbly as I have always expected her to be and speaks faster than I do which is impressive. I loved hearing her talk about how she came to being an author and loved the insight I got about her noughts and crosses series by listening to her talk about how much of her inspiration for the novels came from her own personal experiences.

I read noughts and crosses well before I started blogging back in the days where I randomly picked up books because the cover looked interesting. What I loved about them was how true to life they actually are in how they portray the racist way in which some people in our society have and continue to operate. I loved the twist in the world view and thought it was a really clever take on the issues it brought up. I loved the main characters and immediately went straight through the series back to back and bought (and continue to buy) several copies for friends who I know love reading all of whom have enjoyed them as much as I hoped they would. I also loved the comparsions and links to historical events linked to the civil rights movement campaign in Amercia and coould certainly see how it could be used as a spectacularly useful teaching tool to help youngesters get insight into rascism, bullying and how such narrow minded views led to awful consequences.

Certainly a series that is worth a read and one I cannot recommend highly enough.


serendipity_viv said…
I have the first one of these books but I have never got around to reading them. I must rectify that.
Sarah said…
I loved the first book in this series but haven't got around to reading the rest yet. I really must do something about that lol. It's the curse of a mountainous to read pile!
Blueicegal ♥ said…
I recall just being blown away by it. I still have to read the third though. The ending in the second? WOW!
I really loved this series as well! I remember them being really emotional and powerful. Great books.
I keep seeing this series in the bookshops and get tempted to buy it ... but then I go and see something else. I'll make it a priority next time :D