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In my Mailbox (42)

As always a huge thanks to Kristi at for hosting IMM each week

I had an awesome week book once again with some really fab titles ( has been my friend this week)

This book was a total surprise as I had no idea it was coming. I am slightly ashamed to say I have never read any John Green (I know it is bad of me).

I have heard quite a bit about Zoe and am excited about this one - it is huge btw
I am on the blog tour for this when it gets published - already read and enjoyed it!

The ever wonderful Emma sent me this inside a parcel of awesome - I will follow up with pics soon on twitter of what she sent me.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan (UK paperback)
I've heard mostly awesome things about this one - looking forward to finally reading it.

Another one I have heard lots of lovely things about and am looking forward to reading.

Thank you to everyone who sent me books this week. I can't wait to read them all.


SisterSpooky said…
ooooo Firelight is high on my wishlist! enjoy your books!
prophecygirl said…
Looking for Alaska, Hex Hall, Firelight and Artichoke Hearts are all amazing. I have yet to read Shadows on the Moon and Opposite of Amber, but hope you enjoy!
Sarah Lydia said…
John Green is amazing. I hope you like Looking for Alaska!
The Opposite of Amber also looks really good :)
Liz. R said…
Hex Hall is soooo good! I really hope you like it. I'm yet to read Firelight but I've heard good things - happy reading!
Adriana said…
I love that cover for Looking for Alaska. The story is just as great, I hope you enjoy it. Great books. Enjoy!
Great IMM! I just finished Firelight last week. Enjoy!
Vicki said…
LOVED Firelight! Shadows On The Moon is sooo pretty!
Mel said…
I've been eyeing up Firelight as well for a long time - can't wait to see what you think of it! :)
Cicely said…
I'm jealous of everyone getting Shadows on the Moon. It looks stunning! And Hex Hall is pretty funny. Firelight is pretty awesome too! And John Green is just amazing.
Happy reading! :D
I absolutely loved Firelight and Hex Hall. Looking For Alaska was my first John Green book too - it's fab!

Happy Reading :D
Anonymous said…
Wow nice books! Shadow of the Moon has a very pretty cover and I'm very drawn to The Opposite of Amber.

I loved Hex Hall and just bought the second in the series last week. Hope you enjoy it too.
KelliumSims said…
Looking for Alaska is the only John Green book I've read, even though I've been meaning to get around to the rest.
Shadows on the Moon sounds really good. I only heard about it today because a lot of people just got it. Hope it generates some good reviews.
Enjoy your new books :)
serendipity_viv said…
I loved Looking for Alaska. Clover sent it to me in a comp, about a year back and I was left wanting more of his books. Enjoy.
Hex Hall is the only one I've read but it is brilliant! Great set of books this week.
iffath said…
Can't believe you haven't read any John Green yet! You will fall in LOVE with Looking for Alaska!

Hope you enjoy ;))
Such pretty books & you are very welcome :D Happy reading
Beth S. said…
Artichoke Hearts sounds really good. Hope that one makes its way to the US soon.
Preeetyy covers!!
l have been seeing a few of these around so l look forward to seeing what you think
Aisle B said…
Shadow on the Moon... now that is something I'd love to covet!

Enjoy the reads :)
Great books - I agree that ReaditSwapit is simply the best :)
Loved HexHall and Firelight! I have DemonGlass right now!I hope you love them all! You can stop over and check out my mailbox here:
Great books! I love your cover for Looking For Alaska. When I buy the book, I think I'll get that edition! (I haven't read any John Green either *high five*)
Shadows of the Moon sounds really great, as does The Opposite of Amber!
Sally said…
Great books this week. Firelight looks awesome - I may have to get it.
Happy reading.
Alison Can Read said…
Fab reads! I really want to get Looking for Alaska and Artichoke Hearts.
John Green is one of my favourite authors, i really hope you love Looking For Alaska like I did :)

Also, I really want to read Artichoke Hearts, it sounds wonderful but I had to return it ot my library unread and I haven't seen it again :(