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bookcase showcase: The Overflowing Library

Today is the start of what I hope will be a regular feature here at The Overflowing Library called Bookcase Showcase. On Saturday's for the foreseeable future I will be inviting other bloggers to show off their book collection (be it showcased on their bookshelves or otherwise)

I for one am really excited about this because I love looking at other people's book collections and how they arrange them.

So today for the first Bookcase Showcase I am leading by example and showing you my own shelves.

My book collection is housed in our Library which is very much Overflowing. I love our Library because even though it is quite small it is a room with a huge comfy chair and it is full of books. I used to have only one bookcase but I nagged and made Hadley move some of his stuff around so I had more space.

I currently have two YA book cases which look like this ....

The books on these shelves are kept in alphabetical order and are mostly ones I have read (there are the odd few where I haven't read the first in a series so that is on my TBR shelves and the later books are on here).

As well as these shelves I also have a TBR bookcase which is next to my bed. It currently looks like this ...

There is no particular order to these shelves really. Currently they are grouped together by publishing house but I change them around a lot so I don't know how long they'll stay that way.

The final shelf I have is this one ....

This is my favourite one because it has all my review copies on. Currently it doesn't have an awful lot on it at the moment because I made a real effort over half term to get through all my outstanding review titles but the books I do have on there I am really really excited to read!

So that's it - the first bookcase showcase - If you would like your collection to be featured on a future bookcase showcase at The Overflowing Library please email me at kirstylouiseconnor (at) as I would love to feature your shelves. I need a picture (or link to a youtube video) of your collection with a little bit of explanation to go with it.


Unknown said…
love the shelf with the Harry Potter books and the book ends. Made me smile. I just got my frist ever book shelf last week and it already has all my books on it and then I won a CSN giftcard so I bought another 3 shelf bookcase that still needs put together.
Wow your Harry potter bookends are awesome!
So are the rest of your books! I love seeing other peoples bookshelves! :D I can't believe youve managed to organise them alphabetically! That must have taken some time!
I'm very much looking forward to other peoples shelves! :D awesome idea for a regular feature! :D x
Anonymous said…
I love that the Harry Potter books get their own shelf! And the book ends are super cute.

Every once in a while I come across posts about personal bookshelves, and the envy monster stirs inside of me. I want a bookshelf so bad! All of my books are stashed in BIG and unglamorous cardboard boxes.

- Jackie
resugo said…
awesome shelves! lots of fun books on there. It's fun to see the UK spines for books I'm familiar with in the US. and so organized! my shelves are only organized by size and thats because I like the way it looks.

thanks for sharing!
Oh my word there is actually ROOM on your shelves! Haha my shelf (notice only one :P) is totally overflowing. Literally. I have books on my floor now. Its pretty bad. XD
I want to live in that room pleae. Your shelves have better books than my library & the public library combined :D
Harry Potter bookends are awesome :D :D
Rebecca-Books said…
Can I just say that I am incredibly jealous of your bookshelves?
Found your blog through Saturday Situation, and decided to give you a follow (anyone with such awesome bookends is worth following!). My bookcases, of which there are many, are arranged in lots of different ways- a couple are arranged by color (something I saw on a design show) and some are arranged by whim. I love looking at other people's shelves because I love seeing books I've read there. You've got some amazing books! I look forward to your future posts!
Anonymous said…
Awesome! I love looking at other peoples shelves so this will be a great feature for me. I saw so many books on your shelves that I have too - and so many I want! You've made me embarrassed that mine as so mixed up. I really should sort them out into alphabetical order or something. In fact I might go and do that right now.

When I did my tour the other day I totally forgot to include the ones I have on my Kindle (umm, all 80 of them) and as I have the software on my computer it'll also show the covers - so like a digital bookcase tour.

I want to ask though, as I was looking at the books on your shelves I saw some by Scott Westerfeld - 3 books that made a picture of a clock on the spines. I couldn't read the titles though. What were they?
So many great books =o
Your so lucky to have so much room for shelves!
Mel said…
I love being nosy on other peoples book shelves _ i love seeing hwo people order them. WOuld definietly be interested in more of this feature - although I would have to do some tidying on mine before it's fit for public viewing! :-)
serendipity_viv said…
You have Starcrossed! I am so envious. Your shelves are a lot tidier than mine.
KelliumSims said…
So many books :o And they're all so good, too.
I've no idea how you have the patience to organise them all alphabelically. That must have taken some determination!
SisterSpooky said…
I love bookshelf snooping! love this post and so jealous that you have TWO bookshelves!
Aylee said…
I absolutely adore bookshelf tours! Wow, yours is great!
I love bookshelf tours and these kinds of posts (could I perhaps live in this room?) lol.

Love the Harry Potter bookends :D
I really, really love seeing other people's books! And yours are so TIDY! When I get around to taking the photos for MY bookcase showcase, I'm sure there'll be at least an hour's worth of TIDYING first.

So many wonderful books on your shelves. I adore the HP shelves with matching HP bookends. I love fun bookends like those. We have a lot of similar books on our TBR shelves as well :)
Book Flame said…
I love your bookshelf *looking at it with envy*, I don't even have one all my books have to stay on closet shelf. You have some great books as well!
prophecygirl said…
The Book Thief - yay! I'm happy now. Great shelves!
I love your shelves! I'll have to post a pic of mine on my blog sometime! Anyway, I'm a new follower :)
Liz said…
Your shelves are so pretty! I love your Harry Potter bookends :)
Wow- I love your bookshelves. We have so many books in common actually! Thanks for letting us have a nosy through, I love looking through other people's bookshelves.