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Fantastic Mr Dahl

This brand-new biography gives readers the thoroughly fantastic story behind the world's # 1 storyteller!

How did a young boy from a small town in Wales grow up to become one of the world's greatest storytellers—the creator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda? From his days at boarding school to his love of chocolate and endless storytelling, Roald Dahl's life, just like his books, was nothing short of extraordinary.

Now the award-winning writer Michael Rosen explores Roald Dahl's own story to discover what made his writing so fantastic.


A really interesting read about Roald Dahl for children. The book is a biography which goes through Roald's life and looks at his writing and career. As a child I was fascinated with Roald's autobiography Boy so this was fascinating for me in the same way as it is full of pictures and letters from Roald's life. While it is an autobiography I found myself drawn in completely to this book in the same way I would have been an ordinary novel.

A fab little read which I really enjoyed and perfect for Roald Dahl fans both young and old. It has definitely inspired me to reread all my Dahl favourites.


Anonymous said…
I read the first book of Dahl's 2-book autbiography (never could manage to track down the second book), and I think I'd be interested in reading a biography of him, too. Autobiographies do tend to be a touch biased, and even if Dahl did lay things bare about some of the nastier elements of his childhood and youth, that doesn't mean that he told it all, and I don't doubt there are things he left out that a biographer could dig up and tell us too.