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BLOG TOUR: Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott

I am really pleased today to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for Shadows on the Moon as this is a book I read earlier in the year and really loved. I am so pleased that it is finally available for everyone else to get their hands on.

I have loads and loads of goodies for you so please scroll down and take a look!

Firstly my review of Shadows of the moon was posted this morning (look at the post below!)

Secondly I have the book trailer for you to check out

Thirdly I have an extract from the book for you

     I turned reflexively, and then cursed myself when I saw Otieno standing behind me, blocking the entrance to the booth. There was a look of grim triumph on his face, and I knew I had given myself away.
     “You–you startled me—” I began. The words trailed off as I searched his face. There was nothing there: only smooth blankness that made the ice inside me burn with cold fire. It was as if my words earlier were the truth. As if we were strangers.
     “I know I did,” he said. “I meant to.”
     I looked away from him again, shaking my head.
     “Don’t what? There is no point in this pretence. Look at me.”
     “Stop it. Leave me alone.”
     “Not until you look at me.”
     “Please.” I backed away from him, slipped off the path and stumbled. Otieno’s hand shot out and caught my wrist before I could fall.
     “What has happened to you?” he murmured. “What went wrong? I looked for you for so long. Where did you go?”
     Panicked, I just shook my head, refusing to move my eyes from the tips of his feet.
     “Pipit,” he said again, his voice soft.
     He released my arm and took my face between his hands, gently tilting my head until I met his eyes. “Pipit. Pipit, do not deny me. I cannot bear it.”
     The ice shattered. My shadow-weaving shredded away like mist under a summer wind and I was exposed, weak and trembling and pitiful as I was. I could not speak. All I could do was look at him.
     It was enough. The horrible deadness melted from his face and he was Otieno again, my Otieno. His arms came around me, almost lifting me from my feet. I pressed my
face into the hollow under his shoulder, breathing in the smell of him – still the same, always the same – and felt his chin, ever so slightly prickly with stubble, rub against my forehead.
     “Shh, shh.” He stroked my back with his free hand. “It is all right now.”
     Just for a moment. Just this one moment. Surely a moment is allowed?

Finally I have a giveaway for you

this is the prize of Shadows on the Moon things donated by Zoe herself - it includes a signed fan and a magnet as well as everything else you see in the pictures. 

I am actually jealous of everyone who gets to enter!

To enter please leave a comment with a way to contact you in the comments box. The competition is UK only at the request of the publishers. I will pick someone in the next week at random and give them 24 hours to reply. If they don't I'll pick another. 

If you have missed any of the stops for the shadows on the moon blog tour please check them out starting at the link below


Jules said…
That is a great giveaway!

I really want to read this book at some point, it sounds really good.

Have a nice weekend

KelliumSims said…
This book sounds like a good one and I've seen it around quite a lot :)

Great giveaway

KJEdisbury (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk