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For review
Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (UK proof)
This came in a gold envelope which was very very exciting. Looking forward to it muchly.
Wink Murder by Ali Knight (UK paperback)
An adult title by a debut British Author which looks good. I will actually be running a giveaway for this one early on in the new year to fit in which my new project.
BZRK by Michael Grant (UK proof)
I love Michael Grant's Gone series (even though it scares me) so looking forward to seeing what this is like.
Tiger's Voyage (UK paperback)
Yay. So excited for this one
Destined by PC Cast (UK hardback)
Not sure whether to be excited or frightened about this one ... time will tell.
Enthralled by Various authors (UK paperback)
I like loads of the authors in this one so hopefully it should be good.

The Seeing Stone by Kevin Crossley-Holland (UK paperback)
I went to a historical fiction conference at the weekend and saw Kevin speak about historical fiction which was really interesting. I vaguely remember trying this one a while back but don't think I finished it. maybe next time.


Anonymous said…
Pandemonium!!! I cannot wait!
So jealous that you got Pandemonium! Can't wait to hear what you think!
Kristina said…
I'm excited to read Enthralled and The Tiger's Voyage. I hope that you enjoy your new books!

Ladybug Storytime
omgsh. pandemonium!!! yay!

Here's my IMM, puppy style! :) stop by?!
Mel said…
Enthralled has some of the best authors in it! I have it myself and I'm saving it for a lazy day reading... :)
Anonymous said…
Pandemonium?! Jealous! Happy reading :)

I have 2 IMM's this week....
Braiden said…
BRZK .... jealoussss!!!! Ahhhh Me want. I envy you so much you know right now. And Pandemonium too.

Here’s my IMM:
Cicely said…
Pandemonium!!! It looks amazing! And Enthralled has loads of great authors. Happy reading!
I am so jealous you have Pandemonium. I really need to buy Destined but dont see the point at the moment when I already have a lot of books waiting to be read.

Great IMM this week and looking forward to reading your reviews, especially for Pandemonium

Anonymous said…
OMG you got Pandemonium too! I keep seeing bloggers with it this week and I am sooooo jealous! Hope you enjoy it :-)
Lovely books this week! Very envious of Enthralled which looks fab.
serendipity_viv said…
OOh new project! I think I know what that is.
Beth S. said…
I want to read Pandemonium so bad!!!
Yay for Pandemonium :D And a new project - sounds interesting! :D

Happy Reading:D
District YA said…
I so need Pandemonium in my life!! Hope you enjoy your books? x x
Giselle said…
Oh Wink Murder sounds promising! Awesome haul!

Xpresso Reads
Alison Can Read said…
Great set! So cool that you got Pandemonium. I'm very curious about Enthralled too. Enjoy!
Ailsa said…
I think I'd like to try Enthralled sometime - it has a lot of authors I like in it, and it's been a while since I tried an anthology.
I hope you like the other books you got.

My IMM is here: The Book Bundle