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In my Mailbox (32)

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This week has been an insanely mental week for books - they all seem to have dropped through my door at once!! I literally don't know where to start with them all!!


I was given a waterstones giftcard by a friend who know I love to read but knows I have loads and loads of books. It is reallt rare that I go to a waterstones (nearest one is over 20 miles away). I spent ages looking and finally decided to take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer and bought

The Demon Trappers: Forsaken by Jana Oliver (UK paperback)
I am looking forward to this loads and I believe it is a debut novel so I will be reading it for my DAC attempt this year.

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (UK paperback)
I recently read the first perfect chemistry book and really enjoyed it - looking forward to getting to this soon!!

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater (UK paperback)
I have been waiting ages for this - been told it is better than shiver but I personally prefer werewolves so I am looking forward to seeing what I make of it.

More Presents

I also got these as belated christmas presents this week too!!

I put this on my amazon wishlist ages ago and my sister in law finally bought it for me. It sounds really creepy!!

I put this on my wishlist too quickly and am not sure if I want to carry on with the series - I might give it a go if I get time - or I might end up book fairying it away elsewhere

I have pretty much everything Scott Westerfeld has produced but had a hard time getting this - Hadley managed to track it down for me the lovely boy.

Mega cheap shopping trip

Whilst up the city I found a cheap book shop ( say found - it's always been there just they never usually have anything) and they had all of these for £2 each of 2 for £3. I was rather pleased to pick up such a bargain. If any one is interested the shop is in the Castle Mall Norwich on the first floor

Jenny Valentine is one of those authors I have always meant to read more of as I have loved what little I have read of her. As I am doing the BBC challenge this year it has given me a kick to find some more of her stuff.

Another one that will be good for the BBC. I have just read Rowan the Strange which was good and have been told this is a prequel. I do love a bit of historical fiction too!!

I love this book and it was cheap - very cheap and I love hardback books - too good to pass up!!

Thirteen Treasures and Thirteen curses by Michelle Harrison (UK paperback)
I have heard so many good things about this series (from Jenny at wondrous reads) that I picked these up. I'm not all that into fairies but I'm willibng to give it a go.

For review

I have been spoilt rotten by my publisher contacts this week - thank you so much for all the lovely books!

This is a graphic novel which comes out in February. It is about anorexia and based on the author's personal experiences of dealing with the disorder. 

You can't see it but this edition has a black edge. It looks super cool. Looking forward to reading it a lot.

This is due to come out in June and the buzz is that is it going to be huge (it is also literally huge at over 500 pages)

 This book lots like it would appeal to male readers quite nicely - it is about some friends who find a bag stuffed full of money and looks at what they do after they find it. It is released in february.

I am not entirely certain if this is YA but it looks mega creepy. I am really looking forward to getting started on it soon.

Bought / swapped
I had some preorders drop through the door this week and things have picked up on again!!

Having been  dispatched by Amazon over 2 weeks a I was starting to worry if this one was going to turn up. The cover is gorgeous. I am very excited to start it soon. Another UK debut.

This book looks awesome - dystopian is definately my thing! I lied when I said I didn;t know where to start with my TBR pile this week. This is probably where I will start! Also it is a debut so it will be part of my attempt at the DAC.

My husband is officially in love with this cover (it is a red head thing he picked up after years of watching Willow in Buffy). I have already finished and really enjoyed it. review will be up later in the month. Another debut from a fab British author.

I have heard lots of good things about this and actually managed to swap a copy on this week.


prophecygirl said…
I hope you love 12 Treasures/Curses - even if you don't usually like faerie stories, they are brilliant. *crosses fingers*

Also, Tyme's End is definitely YA. Creepy, but YA. If you get time, you should check out her other books - The Traitor Game is so good, and A Trick of the Dark is very clever.

Happy reading and enjoy!
bookish wonders said…
Oh I got XVI as well. [:

I'm starting to read it now [:

Awesome books =D

looking forward to your reviews [:
Mel said…
Some great books there - Demon's Trappers: Forsaken is one that I'm really tempted to buy - be really curious to see what you think of it!
TheBookMogul said…
I love Finding Sky it is amazing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Reading
Wow your book week has been incredible. Happy reading :D
Jenny said…
Nice haul! I loved Leviathan and Paranormalcy, and I'm really looking forward to XVI and Entangled. Enjoy your books!
serendipity_viv said…
I hope you love Finding Sky. That was one of my best reads for 2010. A great haul, enjoy.
Silver Thistle said…
Wow! That's impressive! I'm actually quite envious, lol. They all look so exciting!
You got some lovely books this week :) The bargain bookshop sounds fantastic and I wouldn't have been able to resist those titles either. I've read Thirteen Curses by Michelle Harrison and really enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to your review of Entangled. That one's on my wishlist too!
Vicki said…
That is a LOT of awesome books this week. XVI does look good, I bought it for my Kindle this week!
Wonderful books this week, I think you'll love Finding Sky. Happy Reading :D
District YA said…
I bought The Demon Trappers: Forsaken by Jana Oliver as well this week, looks like a good one :D
Wow!! I wish I lived near you now so I could go to that bookshop lol. All the books you got from there look great.
You got some really great books! I hope you enjoy Paranormalcy, it's a really great book.

I'll be adding a few of these books - if not most of them - to by wishlist :D

Have a great week Kirsty!
iffath said…
WOW. Kirsty, what an epic IMM!!!

Tyranny looks fantastic, will have to look in to that! And I got Tyme's End from the library this week, deffo looks creepy!

Also, is it me, or is your copy of Beautiful Malice the most gorgeous pink colour in the world?! Mine is orange.. :D
Elodie said…
Rules of Attraction and Entangled are great !! I hope you'll like them as much as I did !! Great mailbox, so many books =) !!
Happy reading ;)
Here's my IMM : !!
Anonymous said…
Whoa! Look at all that cover love! You have so many beautiful covers this week :o) And so many fabulous books too. I really hope you enjoy them ALL! Best wishes x
Anonymous said…
Fantastic week for you! I agree, you MUST start with XVI. I can't wait to hear what you thought of it--I really enjoyed it!

Have a great week!
You got some really great books this week. I also love Scott Westerfeld, and REALLY enjoyed So Yesterday...I hope you do too!
Have a great week :)
Naj said…
I haven't read any of these books yet! But I heard Entangled and XVI are really good books. You sure did get a lot this week. Hope you enjoy them.

Cicely said…
You got Blood Red Road! I'm infinitely jealous. It looks freaking amazing. I've been wanting to read Finding Sky for a while as well. It sounds really good. :) Happy reading!
So many amazing books! l also swap on readitswapit. Haven't for a while but l love it! =)
Aisle B said…
I want all of your BOOKS! That's an incredible haul! Love the bookshelves and BOOKS!

Forshaken, Lament, Entangled and XVI are great finds. XVI is all I've been hearing about from Mrs Q and she raves about it.

Enjoy this great IMM!
Wow, what a great haul. Finding Sky is really good. I've had XVI in my wish list for ages.
Alison Can Read said…
Fabulous reads! I've never heard of So Yesterday. And I love Paranormalcy.
Amazing haul this week- I hope you enjoy them all :) I'm going to get Ivy out my school library soon.

I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog- congratulations! To find out morem go directly to the award post here:
Can't wait to read XVI, Entangled and Lament! Enjoy all of your books!!

Happy Reading!
Dwayne said…
Gorgeous books indeed - love your cheap finds! Have fun reading :D
Anonymous said…
Wow, great bunch of books! It looks like you had an awesome book week. I hope you enjoy reading them all!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So many great books there. How will you work out which book to read next?!

Paranormalcy, XVI, Blood Red Road! I'm absolutely dying to read them all.

I have the same Jenny Valentine and the first book by Michelle Harrison on my shelves too. Really should get to them soonish.

I'd so love a cheap bookstore like that near me, how fantastic.
Mystica said…
You are going to find it difficult which one to read first. Enjoy the reading.