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Dear all

as you read this I am off in a secret online room doing standardisation for marking History GCSE papers. I will then be set loose on marking millions of them over the next few weeks (millions is a bit of an exaggeration but it feels likes it sometimes when you are in the middle of doing them) and will be on very tight deadlines. You might find therefore that I'm not about it in blogoworld for the next few weeks as much while I'm getting it done so please keep leaving me comments anyway and I'll catch up back when half term hits.

I thought today I'd leave you with this link - it is a site I hope to be using very soon when all the lovely money rolls in for marking all the papers!!

I have used them before and they have loads of signed and first edition books you can buy. For a signed copy addict like myself it is heaven!!


Rebecca-Books said…
You mark GCSE History Papers?
Ha, I'm taking mine in May/June, so you might see mine ha :)
Hopefully you will be on twitter :D Good luck with the marking. Great website for when I actually have money lol
iffath said…
Eek! Good luck and try not to lose your head! We are all here for you if you ever need us :D