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In my Mailbox (30)

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First IMM of the year. I have some fab things to show you!!

My Christmas haul

 My wonderful husband got me some lovely books for Christmas. He bought ...

Genesis by Bernard Beckett (UK hardback)
I added this to my wishlist ages ago when I was on a dystopian kick. I read it on Christmas day in one sitting. It is a bit of a thinker - my review will be up in January.

Solace of the road by Siobhan Dowd (UK hardback)
I have loved all of the books I have read by Siobhan. This is the only one by her I didn't have.

I am number four by Pittacus Lore (UK special signed hardback edition)
I loved this book and I can't wait for the film to come out. It was actually one of very few of my books I have managed to get my husband to read. This edition is lovely and signed (yes I am obssessed with signed books). My review for it is here

Infinite days by Rebecca Maizel (UK hardback)
I actually knew this one is coming. It was really cheap on Amazon (literally about £2.50) so I ordered it. Only to find Hadley had already ordered it. I have since given my copy to someone else. I like the idea of this as it seems to be a unique take on vampires.

Rowan the strange by Julie Hearn (UK paperback)
I had been meaning to read this for ages and have had it on my wishlist for ages. I will be reading it for my attempt at the BBC crown!!

Other books I received

The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman (UK hardback)
We had one of these years ago and sold it on ebay for a fortune (it was a first edition - this isn't quite). I have regretted selling it ever since especially when I picked up Northern lights in a similiar edition (I already had Amber spyglass). I finally found a copy of it to match my others so I am v ery pleased. Another book I will be reading for the BBC challenge.

Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate (UK proof)
The lovely emma at asamum's booktopia sent me this copy because she was lovely and I had previously sulked like a small child about not being able to get a copy. I promise never to sulk again. It has been described as Macbeth meets cruel intentions!!


Anonymous said…
Great mailbox - what lovely books. I'm looking forward to reading the Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, hope you enjoy it! Happy New Year :D
Elodie said…
Great books !! I've read Infinite Days (though my edition is not the same than yours) and I loved it !! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did ! Happy reading ! Here's my IMM : !
prophecygirl said…
Great books! Genesis is one of my favourites, and as you know I had to read it again straight after finishing it. It's mind-blowing.

Also.. you know your copy of I Am Number 4 is the UK proof, yes? It's limited and so lovely!

Happy reading :)
Enjoy these books! l can't wait for 'I am Number 4' to come out! I seen the trailer and it looks great.
Alyssa said…
I haven't heard of any of these books before but Genesis seems interesting...I look forward to reading your review of it.

Here's my IMM:
Ellz said…
I love seeing the UK covers! Great haul-Happy New Year!
Charlotte said…
Lovely presents! I have had Rowan the Strange on my list for ages too...someday I will get my hands on it...
Ivan said…
you really have an overflowing bookshelf :)
Aisle B said…
Ahhh if only my book shelf could look half as nice... mine hit a tsunami!

Great books and happy new year 2011!

I got some VA books and doing a marathon run reading on Rose and Dimitri.
Mel said…
Great variety of books...Infinite Days seems really interesting and I am number four I've heard so much about!
Jess said…
I just finished The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove and LOVED it hope you do too :)
What a very nice hubby you have :D You are welcome for the book I am sure you will enjoy it. Lady Macbeth has nothing on Natalie ;D
Happy New Year
@asamum - yes he is well trained! He is actually worse than me bookwise - he has double what I have - shame they are just boring boy books!!
I really want to read I am Number Four! Fantastic books there :D
Yiota said…
Great mailbox as always! I love how tidy ur bookcase is!

My In My Mailbox
Anonymous said…
I just finished Infinite Days and loved it. I hope you do too. Your hubby definitely knows you well. Great books there. Happy New Year!
iffath said…
The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is awesome, hope you enjoy it!! I have to say, I'm extremely jealous of your signed I Am Number Four!! Still need to read it!!

Happy reading ;) x
Anonymous said…
Great books this week, how nice to have a husband to buy you books! I'm just curious, when you said you had a signed copy of I am number four, whose aignature is it?

My IMM is here, if you're interested:

Have a great week!

it is signed pittacus lore don't know which one of the two people who make up pittacus lore actually signed it though
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog, and right back atcha-I'm following you. I am jealous of your holiday goodies!!

Oh, I follow under karmagrrl.
Naj said…
Wonderful variety of books! I want to read I am Number four before the movie comes out. :D

Happy Reading!
New year, new lies. My resolution is to read THE LYING GAME by #PLL author @sarabooks
I always love getting books for gifts! My mom used to always get us at least one book for every holiday. I remember many Christmas days snuggling up with a good book either waiting for Christmas dinner or in the afternoon when everyone was relaxing!
Stephanie said…
Nice books! I haven't heard of a few of them but I've been wanting to read Infinite Days. And I Am Number Four looks interesting.

here's my in my mailbox
How wonderful!

I ordered two titles with a Christmas gift card: the verse novel WICKED GIRLS and MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD.
Krystal said…
Such great books! I want to read I Am Number 4 and the one by Lauren Kate. I hope you enjoy reading them all!
Happy Reading.
Check out my IMM post
Aleetha said…
I envy you. What a great bookshelf. I never saw those books above.
Great books this week, I love the Subtle Knife (I have a very recent cover of it though - I think it's the only series I have where the covers all match lol).

I never thought of reading these for the British Books Challenge :)

Happy Reading :D
TheBookMogul said…
You got loads of great books. I hope you enjoy them all. :)
Laura Massey said…
Wow. I love the UK covers for Infinite Days and The Subtle Knife. They're awesome.

PS- Thanks for following me!
You're going to be rereading His Dark materials for the BBC challenge? How fantastic. I love those books and I keep telling myself that I should make time to reread them! Maybe after reading your reviews of them :)
Silver Thistle said…
Great books! I have 'I Am Number Four' and 'Infinite Days' on my TBR/wishlist but hadn't heard of Genesis before and it sounds GREAT and exactly the sort of book I love. Thanks for sharing :D