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Review: Drowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan

Drowned Sorrow by Vanessa Morgan

Megan Blackwood has just lost her son in a terrible accident. Now she has come to Moonlight Creek with her teenage daughter Jenna, hoping a change of scenery might help to put her life back together. But something odd is going on in Moonlight Creek. When rain falls over the village, its inhabitants commit grisly murders, leaving the place deserted with the first rays of sunshine. Beneath the lake's surface, an eerie presence watches... and waits... Waits to reveal a tragic past drowned in mystery and fear. One that doesn't bode well for visitors. By the time Megan realizes that her daughter's life is in danger, it may be too late to escape.   "Vanessa Morgan has the gift of pacing and spookiness" Scott Nicholson, author of They Hunger and The Farm "The female version of Stephen King" Pedro Chaves, director of Reiki "A racy thriller in the vein of Dean Koontz and John Saul" Dirk Vandereyken, author of Fates Worse Than Death: Hunter 

This book was a very quick and creepy read.

The story is set in a creepy little backwater village in the middle of nowhere. The residents are a little unsettling and you can't quite put your finger on it but something isn't quite right. The main characters are there for a short holiday to get away from it all having been recommended by a friend. As the story progresses it becomes more and more apparent that things are no as they seem and the final conclusion to the story was creepy.

I liked the premise and there were scenes that were very creepy (especially the scene in the supermarket). The ideas were quite original although it did remind me in style if not content of a series called invasion which was on TV a few years ago.

I found however that there were too many characters and none of which I could warm to all that much. I would have prefered a smaller cast and more character development. I also didn't really get why everything was happening.

Of the variety of self published books I have read this certtainly was one of the stronger ones. I find sometimes self published books need a bit more work to be polished enough to be really good but this books proves that Vanessa Morgan has potential.


Anonymous said…
Yeah, it looks creepy just from the cover. Mm, I'm just not sure it's for me.
I'm not very good with creepy. I can't sleep at night if I read anything too scary!