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Review: Blood Ransom by Sophie McKenzie

Blood Ransom by Sophie McKenzie
Published by Simon and Schuster

Clones Rachel and Theo now live thousands of miles apart. They keep in touch, but things just aren't the same. When Rachel discovers that evil scientist Elijah is still working in secret for a section of the government and about to murder Daniel, she sets out to rescue the little boy, but her plans backfire with disastrous consequences. Across the Atlantic, Theo becomes suspicious when Rachel misses their weekly internet chat. He discovers a report online saying she's killed herself and travels to Scotland to find her, certain that she has been kidnapped. A clue leads him to Elijah's mysterious clinic, where the sinister Aphrodite Experiment is underway. But what is Elijah really planning? Why does he need to track Rachel down so badly? And will Rachel and Theo be able to pay the ultimate ransom that he demands?

I was really excited to be getting this book. I read the first one a while back and then got to meet Sophie McKenzie a while back and one of the things we chatted about was how much I liked this particular series of hers and she said that she loved Rachel as a character and I certainly agree with her.

This book is definitely Rachel's story. She thinks and acts as the new confident Rachel we met towards the end of the last book. I enjoyed following her story throughout. This story develops what was first set up in Blood ties, the idea that a 'mad' scientist has developing cloning techniques mostly for very selfish money making reasons. The story is set 9 months after the first and we first see both Theo and Rachel living apart under false identities to hide them from both Elijah, the mad scientist who made them and RAGE a group against cloning.

Without going into a lot of detail so not to spoil the story (or the first one for those who haven't read it yet, which you should) the pair find themselves drawn into another scenario where they have to defeat and outsmart the evil genius who created them and foil his new plans. The story is fast paced and engaging throughout and the whole premise isn't out of the realms of possibility. I do find sometimes that Sophie's have a little more moral than sense and often plunge themselves into situations without thinking them through and often they do things which are a little unbelievable for the age they are supposed to be. Nevertheless they are still an engaging fast paced read and I felt this book was a nice sequel to the first story which I did really enjoy.