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How I blog

I thoughts I'd do a little post on my blogging habits.

I am an OCD blogger. I don't know why it surprises me especially as I can be quite OCD about everything else.

This is my process

  1. Read book
  2. Type up review on for transferal to blog at later date (I do have my first embargoed book coming - this is going to throw the OCD haywire but I'll have to manage and type it up somewhere secret instead). Most of the reviews I write are positive for a few reasons. Firstly I only read books I think I'll like. Secondly I am always impressed by the fact someone has actually written a book - I used to find it a struggle to write 6,000 word essays - I do not notice the use of English in the same way that other bloggers seem to (useless it is really horrific)
  3. Transfer to blog - I have now got to the point where I schedule my posts in advance (yes the OCD has taken over). I started blogging in the summer holidays. At that point I was posting as and when I finished a book. As I read over 38 books this summer that meant it was easy to do. Now I am back at work I don't always get the time to read and blog so I do the former eveyday and save up the latter for sunday mornings when I have a few hours free. I am hoping with the Christmas holidays coming up I will get a bit caught up again..
  4. Deciding on the next book - I don't really have a set plan for what I read next. I have a huge TBR shelf next to my bed which is split into three shelves. Two are ones I'll get to it at some point and one is review books and ones I really want to read soon.
  5. I also try to post other things on my blog that are book related. I participate in IMMB and WoW but not others as I don't think it adds to a blog to just do meme after meme. I do author interviews as and when I can and often post about random bookish things to get my head round them. Blogging has definately changed me as a reader but certainly for the better!
Anyone have any tips on how they blog and hold down a full time job - any ideas for book related books that aren't reviews would also be gratefully received


Kat said…
This was fun to read. :) I'm OCD about blogging (and everything else) as well. I've written down the name, author, and rating (in stars) for every single book I've read since I was ten. It's really fun to see people's reaction after flipping through my notebook, because usually they are either like 'This is cool!', or 'You are one crazy little girl.' I have three TBR stacks as well-- 'wanna read badly', 'might read', and 'will read if I finish the other stacks'. :)
I always find it fascinating to read about other blogger's habits.. am trying to write up a small post of my own, but I keep putting it off :)