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Happy Fireworks Night!

I didn't do any thing post related for Halloween. I suppose it says something about my Britishness that I don't celebrate Halloween but do celebrate the 5th November. Today I will be educating the youth of today about old Guy Fawkes and James I (and some lovely conspiracy theories about the Catholics being set up!). Tomorrow night I will be out at fireworks with friends, hoping there will be some Bonfire Toffee to be had. I hope you all have a fab 5th November whatever you have planned.

Oh and for those of you who have no idea what I'm on about check out this video - it's quite funny and gives a nice little overview.


Mel said…
Happy Guy Fawkes day Kirsty! Love the picture and hope you a fab fireworks night - I'll be enjoying toffee apples and Irish coffees myself as well! :)