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In my mailbox (24)

A quiet week for me - I am trying to control myself in the run up to christmas and not buy too much otherwise I won't have any money to buy any presents. Speaking of which I got my secret santa info through today - I am getting very excited about putting a parcel together for the person I have.

This is what I received this week


Angel by LA Weatherley 
I have heard lots of positive things about this book even though I can't really tell you what it is about off the top of my head. I found a signed copy of it (you know how much I love signed books) on so thought I should order it before they all got snapped up!

For review

I got a selection of books from a new contact at Scholastic (I keep wanting to say Scholtastic because they are fantastic!) which I am excited to read.

Quarry by Ally Kennen
I haven't heard anything about this and have just made up the entry on goodreads based on the information that is on the back of the proof. It is coming out early next year and looks good.

The memory cage by Ruth Eastham
Another one where I have just edited the goodreads page - looks right up my street and should be especially helpful for school. I believe Eastham is debut author

Diary of a parent trainer by Jenny Smith
Yet another I've just updated - this looks potentially quite fully - maybe more middle grade than YA

The Great Plague (my story series) by Pamela Oldfield
I am particularly interested in this series which I haven't ever read yet as it looks like it would be perfect for school - may be one that doesn't stay in my collection at home once I've read it but goes with me to my other collection at school for the kids to dip in and out of (if you've seen the pictures of my home collection all I can say is my one at school rivals it - It has to be at school as I haven't got space at home for it as well)

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prophecygirl said…
The Scholastic proofs sound interesting, I'll have to look those up. Cool week, enjoy!
Wow. I want Angel!!=) I am soooo jealous right now. Enjoy.

Here is my mailbox:
Carla said…
I agree with jenny!! those proofs look interesting, gonna look those bad boys up :p
Anonymous said…
They all look interesting, enjoy!
Still a great mailbox! The Scholastic books have unusual covers...are they final covers? Enjoy your new reads and have a nice Sunday:)
Here is my Mailbox

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not final cover no - proof covers!
Kai Agito said…
Can't wait to read your thoughts about Angel! I've read that book and reviewed it too, and I loved it! :)

I haven't read the last three books in the picture, I'm curious too see what you think of them too.

Check out what I got in my mailbox this week!
Unknown said…
Oh I'll receive Angel next week the cover seems beautiful I can't wait to see my copy :p !

Happy reading !
iffath said…
Proofs look great! Yay for Angel! Signed copy makes it EVEN MORE amazing!

Happy reading! x
These look great! Hope you enjoy them all!
One More Page said…
Angel is fab! Happy reading x
Belinda said…
Looks like you have some great reading ahead :) Have fun

Here's my mailbox for the week
Unknown said…
I really love the cover of Angel, I hope you enjoy them all. =)
Unknown said…
I love the cover of Angel too! Happy Reading!
Anonymous said…
I totally understand the money issues. I want so many books but my kids kinda need Santa to come LOL. Must control myself! Here is mine:
Jackie said…
Happy reading Kirsty!

My Books this week

jackie >_<
Anonymous said…
Great list! My week was quiet, too, right up until about Thursday, when a bunch of holds at the library came in for me!

My IMM is here, if you're interested:

Have a great week!
They all look like great books. Hope you enjoy them,

Aylee said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some really interesting sounding books in your mailbox this week. Hope you enjoy!
The Memory Cage sounds intriguing, just going by the title of course. I really want Angel, hope you enjoy it!
Happy reading :)
Angel has a great cover! Hope you enjoy your books ;)

Here's my IMM!
Rebecca said…
Great books you got this week. Hope you enjoy reading them all.
Krystal said…
Angel looks great! Happy reading this week! Hope you enjoy your books from 'Scholtastic!'

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Angel looks like a really good book! Enjoy reading!