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In my Mailbox (18)

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I had an awesome week this week bookwise. I did many happy dances at the front door whilst in the process of opening packages.

For review

I can't tell you how appreciated this little package was from Bloomsbury this week. I got home on friday after a hellish week at work (think 5am start and a bus load of 14 year olds on a 15 hour round trip and you're starting to get the picture). Thank you very much Emma.

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
I am super excited about this one as I enjoyed her first book A Gathering Light and I do love historical fiction. I love the UK cover much more than the American one.

The Dead of Winter by Chris Priestley
This book looks mega creepy. I do love reading stuff by UK authors. I believe it is also set in East Anglia - yay!

Pastworld by Ian Beck
This looks like an awesome book - the village meets victorian england meets big brother. I have never heard of it before but am super excited to read it soon.

Blood Feud by Alyxander Harvey
I must admit I wsn't the biggest fan of book one but I am told that this is a series which keeps getting stronger so I am quite interested to give it a go.


I got a lovely email a while back from Jenny at wondrous reads saying I had won her prize pack from her Simon and Schuster week. I was so incredibly excited about it although I wasn't entirely sure what it contained as I love love love everything I have read so far published by Simon and Schuster. I got the following books along with a super cool tote bag, some buttons, some lovely postcards and bookmarks and some posters. Thank you Jenny and Simon and Schuster. You made my week.

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
This books is awesome and definately one of the best I have read this year. As I have already read it the lucky kids at school will be getting it for their library as I definately think it is one they should read.

The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski
This looks really good. Angels and gorgeous boys, awesome!

Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready
Another wicked looking book based on a girl who can see ghosts - maybe not one to read late at night!

The Haunted by Jessica Verday
I've been meaning to get the first book in this series for a while - this is the second book so I deliberately haven't paid it too much attention. I may have to pop over to Amazon and make a purchase.


An awesome week for swapping. I am actually moaning a little bit that I hadn't had any takers on for a while and then all of a sudden they all came through at once.

The Island by Sarah Singleton (Simon and Schuster)
I put this on my wishlist a while back as I remember seeing an interview with someone high up at Simon and Schuster and they said this was one to watch out for (I think it was on wondrous reads but I could be wrong). I am quite looking forwrd to it - the premise reminds me for a book I read years ago called Losing Gemma.

The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones (Candlewick Press)
Another one I saw elsewhere thought it looked good and it happened to pop up on readitswapit. Looks creepy.

The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan (Simon and Schuster)
Yet another author I have heard is good but I haven't got round to reading yet. Looking forward to it.

The Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink (Atom)
I've only just got into this series - the lovely Emma at asamum's book utopia sent this to me as a swap. Thank you muchly.


Trash by Andy Mulligan (David Flickling Books)
Heard loads of good things about this. I happened to see Foyles had a signed edition on their website so I ordered it while they still had them. Sounds really good.

Blood Ransom by Sophie McKenzie (Simon and Schuster)
Love Sophie McKenzie, love this series. Looking forward to it muchly.

Freefall by Mindi Scott (Simon Pulse)
I have had my eye of this for a while and totally forgot that I preordered it. Looks really good.

A truly fab week, thank you to everyone who sent me things.


Misha said…
You've got some Great books!I am looking forward to Revolution.
Here's what I got In My Mailbox
Anne R. said…
oohh! So many awesome books! <3 I want the Guardian of the Gate!!
prophecygirl said…
Yay for the S&S goodie bag! Glad it all arrived safely :D And Bloomsbury are ace eh? I think you'll like Pastworld, it's brilliant and was one of my 2009 favourites. Enjoy!
Vicki said…
oh wow you did have a great week! Blood Feud is sooo much better than MLLB, The Chosen One just blew me away, Shade is fantastic too...hope you enjoy!
Lisa_sps said…
So many books !!!!!!!!!!! I realy want the chosen one !!!! Here is mine IMM ( )
Yiota said…
I really want to hear more about Gaurdian of the Gate! Can't w8!

Yiota @
iffath said…
Amazing books this week! A truly fantastic set! Shade is probably my favourite of them all, hope you enjoy it! :D
Fi-chan said…
:O such a pleasant picture, so many books!

Here's my In My Mailbox post! :D
Jenny said…
You got fantastic books this week! I really want to read Shade, I love the sound of it and I've heard good things. I also want Guardian at the Gate as I enjoyed Prophecy of the Sisters. Can't wait to see what you think of those 2!
Wow, you got some great books this week. I'm looking forward to reading 'Shade' by Jeri Smith-Ready, as I keep hearing fabulous things about it.
Brittany said…
Loads of great books this week, I really enjoyed Revolution. Happy Reading!
Anonymous said…
Your gonna be busy busy busy! Can't wait to hear what you think of them! My IMM is here:
the story siren said…
WOW!!!! look at all those beautiful books! you've got some great reading ahead of you! Hope you enjoy them all! Happy reading!
Wow! So many great books this week. Very exciting. Enjoy!
basma aal said…
All I Am going to say WOW WOW. this are lots of books to read. fun ones too. here is my IMM:
Christi said…
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Christi said…
Great list this week! I really like the Chosen One, too, and Freefall was also IMM this week!
StefanieEmmy said…
I read Pastworld a few month ago, I so love the idea of this theme park! I do hope they'll build something like this in the near future ;D

Revolution and Freefall sound like great books!

Have fun reading!

Greetings from Austria,
Kathy Martin said…
What a great week! Enjoy all your books. My mailboxes are here and here. Happy reading!
Erica said…
Enjoy all your books! They look lovely.
Belinda said…
You got some amazing books this week!! Hope you have fun reading and I look forwar to your reviews.

Come by and see my experimental IMMB
Karen said…
I like your Shade cover better than the American version. It fits the MC too. I want to read Freefall - it looks like a good one.
Swimmer said…
I want revoulution so bad!
Alison Can Read said…
Great reads! I've wanted to read The Chosen One for awhile. I should pick it up at the library.
Anna said…
You got some good ones this week. I enjoyed Blood Feud. I also picked up The Haunted this week. :)
Adriana said…
You got so many great books! Revolution is one I'm really looking forward to reading, so I can't wait to see what you think.

Thanks for the follow. You have a wonderful blog. I'm following you right back. :D
Corrine said…
Excellent books this week! I hope you enjoy them! I loved Shade. I hope you do too! Happy reading. :)
Unknown said…
Wow! You got some great books this week!!
LJ said…
Wow, you got a ton of books in! I haven't read any of them, but they look great! Can't wait to hear about them. New follower. Thanks for coming over to Reader Recommended :)

I am dying for Revolution. I love Northern Lights! I agree, the UK cover is smarvelous!

Thanks for following my blog
Kelly said…
Wow you had a fantastic week! I recently read The Chosen One and thought it was a really interesting read, hope you enjoy all of your books! :)
Kate said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Enjoy your books!

Kate @ Literary Explorations
Sarah said…
incredible!!! can you please let me know what you think about the uninvited by leaving a comment on my blog ppleasee thanks

OH thanks for following BONAFIDE BLOGGER, An instant follow back is coming your way!

xxx o
Jackie said…
Thanks for stopping by my mailbox post Kirsty and cannot wait to see what you think of "The Fallen" and "Demon's Lexicon"! Very nice list of loot, enjoy the goodies!!!

jackie >_<
Aimee said…
Awesome book week! I loved "The Chosen One". Enjoy!
So much great stuff this week! I loved Guardian of the Gate. That cover of Revolution is just gorgeous, I'll probably order that one instead of the US one!
Tara said…
I loved Revolution and Freefall! You're right - you did have an amazing book week! I hope you enjoy them all :D

Here's what I got in my mailbox this week :)
Anonymous said…
I hope you enjoy your books :) I'm also keen to read Shade, except that's the only cover I can find and I definitely prefer the US one - the red and blue just don't work very well together, lol.
Kelly Jensen said…
Revolution looks really good - and I like the cover on your copy!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic books! The Fallen is really intriguing! Enjoy your books - great post!
Book Sake said…
Great books! I think you will love Revolution - it is so well written, fantastic story!
You had an awesome week!! I hope you like Shade, it's one of my favorite reads of 2010. Such an amazing story. Happy reading!
vvb32 reads said…
ooo, past world looks like some steampunk!
the haunted pink cover catches me eye - love it.
Tara said…
What a fantastic bunch of books! I've heard a lot of great buzz for Freefall and I still want to read Fallen. Enjoy!
Oh, wow, you've got LOADS!! Everyone seems to be reading Freefall this week, I'm definitely intrigued!

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books
Lizzy said…
You got a ton of great books this week. I hadn't heard of The Dead of Winter, but it looks really creepy. I'll have to check this one out. Happy reading
You have some really great books here. Congrats on winning the prize pack at wondrous reads. I really am jealous, but in a good way! Have reading! I bet your TBR pile is insane.
So many goodies!! Hope you enjoy them all. Love your background.
Wow! you got a LOT of awesome books this week! enjoy!
Krystal said…
Wow! Thats a lot of books! And I've only read one! The Uninvited - it was a good book, I did enjoy the creepy feeling from it!
Happy reading!
Christin said…
Wow, what a great mailbox! Happy reading!
Rachel said…
Wow, you did get lucky this week :) You have some great books there! I have added some of them to my list :)

Come and visit me tomorrow for a new meme, On My Radar :)
Books Unbound said…
aww, i think it´s great that you commented in german :)
I am quite jealous of some of the books you have there... have fun reading them!
Ava said…
Wow, awesome books! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Happy reading! :)
Becky said…
Hi Kristy, thanks for visiting my blog!

Wow... Great haul! I loved Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly... it was fantastic.

When you've finished, there's a song in my review you should listen to... I think that it really works well with the story. :)
Review here:
Becky said…
Ooh, sorry Kirsty, I totally mistyped your name! :(
Kulsuma said…
Wow! That is an awesome haul! I look forward to hearing about Trash, The Uninvited and The Island!:)

Thanks for stopping by!
Joanna said…
Thanks for taking the time to follow :)

Great books!!

Happy Reading :)
Vanessa Morgan said…
What a wonderful package. You've got a lot of books to look forward to. Shade, The Fallen and The Dead of Winter seem to be right up my alley.