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In my mailbox (20)

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A fab week despite the fact I didn't think I was getting anything


Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson
I've been thinking about getting this for a while as I thought it would be a good one for school. Looking forward to it.

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver
I noticed the other day that there is a gorgeous looking hardback set of this series on Amazon. Thought I'd see what they are like before I fork out for it.

For review

Entice by Carrie Jones
I'm hoping this book resolves the story threads set up in the last book because I could have thrown the last one across the room when it finished on a huge cliff hanger.


Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale
I found this hardback edition in a local charity shop for £1.50. I have actually read this but swapped it a while back. This edition was so nice I thought I'd get it.

Vampirates (Demons of the Ocean) by Justin Somper
I found this for 40p in a book sale - I've only heard of the books vaguely but thought I'd picture it up to give it a go.

Death's Shadow by Darren Shan
I've not heard much about this series but I've heard the author is good. For the grand sum of 30p I thought it was worth picking up.

Being by Kevin Brooks
Another library sale bargain I couldn't resist. I read another Kevin Brooks book a while back and enjoyed it so thought I'd see what this is like.

Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy
Saving the best to last. I have wanted this book for ages now but couldn't get it in the UK. I have an American friend who works with my husband she asked her sister who is still in the states to get me a copy. After waiting since June it finally turned up. I am very very excited about it!


Kulsuma said…
Wolf Brother is fantastic (as is the rest of the series)! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
basma aal said…
You have some pretty books
Here is my IMM:
Oh, that Book of a Thousand Days cover is so much nicer then the one we get in the US. Is it me or do you guys get the cooler covers?
Misha said…
Wow! So many great books. Seers of light is on my wishlist.
Here's what I got In My Mailbox
Wolf Brother is awesome.
Seers of Light sounds fantastic, looking forward to your review.
Have a happy reading week - half term YAY
Great selection of books this week!
Yiota said…
That's awesome! I got Vampirates too this week :P Though i got the last book! And i see many ppl got Entice this week. Interesting.
Happy Reading!

Caroline said…
Oh my goodness, best mailbox I've seen today!!!
I would love to read all of them!
iffath said…
Wow, lots of fantastic books you have this week!! Enjoy them all! :D
Aisle B said…
You got ENTICE! SWEET selection of books and my local bookstore has a copy of The Book of a 1000 days.... Let me know if I should run and get it.

Nice selection and enjoy.

Here's my stash with Hello Kitty at the helm :)

Aisle B
Looks like you got some bargains this week :) I hope you enjoy reading them!
Ooh, you've got Entice. I so can't wait for that one. Have not heard of many of the other books in your IMM, but I'm definitely going to be checking them out!
Anonymous said…
Nice books this week...Entice looks wonderful but I need to read the first books before *sigh* Great reading week for you! Mine is here:
Unknown said…
Great mailbox! Happy Reading!!
Leanna Elle said…
So many great books this week! I really need to get a start on Need and Captivate now that Entice is coming out! Enjoy all your books! :)
Amber said…
I haven't heard of a lot of your books but I'm super jealous about Entice! Hope you enjoy them all.

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Krystal said…
What a nice IMM!! Hope you enjoy reading them all.

Check out my In My Mailbox
The Library Owl said…
Great IMM! So jealous for Entice. Enjoy :)
I've always been sort of curious about Shannon Hale. Have never read anything by her.. Also, Kevin Brooks is one of those authors who I just feel like I'd enjoy anything he's written. Am just about to start one of his books..