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In my mailbox (19)

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Awesome week for books this week. I wasn't actually expecting to get an awful lot but I did and it was all a bit too exciting!!

For review (thanks to penguin for both of these - you made my week!)

Matched by Ally Condie 
This is the only book I thought might turn up this week. I found out I was getting a copy last week about 10pm after my day out with a coach load of 15 year olds in the middle of London (Norfolk kids seriously do not have a clue about London, I spend the day on edge). I was so excited.. All I can say is it is definately worth all the hype surrounding it as it is awesome! I read it in a matter of hours yesterday after receiving it friday evening after work.

Beautiful Darkness by Garcia and Stohl
I did not know this was coming my way and I was so totally freaked out when I opened it. I had been at work late and got in about 9.30 and jumped around a lot when I opened in (in front of a room full of disinterested boys may I add). I am so much looking forward to this.


Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
Ordered this ages ago directly after reading hush hush. Looking forward to it muchly

The Hollow by Jessica Verday
I received the second book in the series last week from Simon and Schuster so tracked this down to give the series a whirl.

Hourglass Claudia Gray
I've only read the first one in the series, looking forward to getting around to it at some point. Even better was the fact that I swapped it for a boring book my dad was chucking out. I love readitswapit.

Torment by Lauren Kate
My lovely husband went to Birmingham this week on a work function. Whilst he was in Tescos he saw that they had Torment in stock and bought it for me. He also got a copy of Fallen for free when he bought it which will no doubt end up as a present for one of my friends or on readitswapit.


Swimmer said…
Ahhh I want Crescendo! Torment is beyond amazing!
Yiota said…
The Hollow has a stunning cover! Never heard of it btw.
I hope you enjoy all of them!
Chrissie said…
You got some great books this week! I hope you enjoy them all :)
What exciting books! And I love swapping books boring books for books I really want to read :) Great feeling.
Anonymous said…
Some good stuff there!! Hope you have a awesome reading week! I really need to read Torment...My IMM is here:
iffath said…
I got Matched too, it looks so awesome! Hope you enjoy your books, great haul! :) x
Aisle B said…
Dying for a copy of Matched! Will rush to Indigo once it's officially out! Loved Torment and Luce finally gets a backbone!

Great mailbox and enjoy the reads... especially the Matched one :)
I am totally in love with your bookcase :D
Candace said…
Matched was AMAZING! I LOVED it! Torment was really good too! Lots of great books!
Anonymous said…
Awesome books!

I always forget that supermarkets sell books, might actually make me look forward to doing the weekly shop!
Jessica Lawlor said…
Ohhh, I hope you enjoy Matched! I have to read that soon.

Have a great week!
Tara said…
Fantastic books this week! I can't wait to read Fallen and Beautiful Creatures so I can read the next ones!