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Crying at books???

I'm posting this out of pure curiousity as crying at books is something I generally don't do. I've certainly felt a little sad when reading different books and my old lodger would sob at books (my old 6ft, 20 something, male lodger no less). I could even tell what type of book would send him off and actively used to seek out and give him books that would make me cry - yes I freely admist this probably makes me mean. I used to work alongside the English department at work and they would often go to bits over different books but I assume it was the overly in touch with their emotion qualities that they had that made them do this.

To cut a long story short I want to know is it just me that doesn't cry at books. Am I emotionally dead inside? On the other hand what types of books is it that sends you off. To give you an idea I have given the following books to my old lodger and successfully made him cry with each one

Before I die - Jenny Downham
Life on a refrigdator door - Alice Kuipers

He also said that Harry Potter regularly got to him and another friend sobbed at the end of the Amber Spyglass.

So what do you think??


Cass said…
Well, I don't cry AT books.

Reading some books make me cry. Well, every person has their own tolerancy levels when it comes to crying and such. I don't think it means that you're "dead inside". It's just that you have a higher tolerancy towards these kinds of things. Or, maybe you're not reading your books properly. :P
prophecygirl said…
I've cried at a fair few - The Book Thief had me in hysterical sobs by the end! Also The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The Time Traveler's Wife, Before I Fall, If I Stay etc... I'll have a think of others and come back later :)
I cry easily at books. And tv programmes and films. Even some songs get to me. A big crier, I am :)
Aleksandra said…
I've cried to some books (movies too), but that happens rarely to me! One of those books is Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - I cry every time when I read the chapter The Forest Again :) As for others, I know I cried while reading the unwinding scene in Neal Shusterman's Unwind & I cried at the end of Jonathan Maberry's Rot & Ruin (both really sad scenes) There have been a few others, but I don't remember which & usually it's just a few tears!
If you don't cry, it doesn't mean you're emotionally dead inside... I think it all depends of the moment when you're reading & how you'll connect with the characters.
For example: I know that most of the people (at least girls) have cried at Titanic, but when I watched it the first time, I didn't cry, but I did cry a few years later when I watched it again :) So, I think it depends of the person & the moment :)
Kathy Martin said…
I am more likely to cry over books than over events in real life. The latest book that brought me to tears was Plain Kate by Erin Bow (and I don't even particularly like cats).
Tara said…
I usually don't cry reading books but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows gets me every single time. I'm also more likely to cry if it's a situation that could happen in real life or that is related to something that has happened to me personally.
Vicky B said…
Can't help you here. I cry at books ALL the time. I think I agree with Kathy. I don't cry about reality. I don't like to cry in front of people, or just in general, so I cry most when I read books. I guess it's just my body's way of getting it out.
Amber said…
There aren't too many books that have made me cry. The last one I can remember was If I Stay and I read that a long time ago. I have to really be invested in the characters to really get upset when reading a novel and the truth is, a lot of novels just don't do that for me. Mockingjay had me a little choked up when a couple of my favorite characters died but I didn't actually cry. So no, you are most definitely not alone.
Lauren said…
Interesting post. I'm not a huge crier, but I have cried at a few books in the past year. Considering I've probably read about a hundred and fifty in that time and cried at maybe five, I don't think that's a lot. But... I did cry at Before I Die.

I think the test of whether *any* book can make you cry is to read Love, Aubrey. I dare ya.
Chrystal said…
I have cried while reading. I am an emotional person though - so I tend to tear up easily. :)
Willa said…
I usually don't cry over books but they can get to me emotionally anyway though... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was really tough on me emotionally especially and the German book about Christiane F as well..
John said…
You've made me a blubbering 6ft, 20-something wimp! Noughts and Crosses made me nearly cry and I fully expect that you'll find some more gems in your collection. Thank you for contributing to my emotional development!
it's one of the reasons why we love you and I'm sure it adds to your poeticness. I am working on finding you something else sooner rather than later.

PS you are also famous as the boy who sleeps in my library.
John said…
I think I'm getting worse. Today Chitty Chitty bang bang nearly got me going. It wasn't even sad - it was just that it reminded me of being a kid. I need help.