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Review - Numbers Rachel Ward

I was very excited about reading this book as I thought that it sounded awesome as a concept. Sadly for me it didn't live up to expectations. I didn't warm to the main character at all. Yes she had her share of problems but so do a lot of people. I thought the entire main part of the story was very childish. While not a prude I thought that was an excessive amount of swearing for a young adult book (it would certainly put me off recommending it to teenagers - yes I know kids swear but I don't want to endorse it). I am still interested to read the sequel as I do like the ideas behind it but I'll wait until I can get it cheap rather than buying it full price.


Kari said…
I'm sorry the book was disappointing! I hate it when that happens.

Your site is so cool--I love the header! Thanks for following my blog :)
Oh no, I hate when that happens. What a shame.