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Review - Monsters of Men - Patrick Ness

I was quite looking forward to this book after hearing some great things about it however for me it didn't live up to expectations. The first two thirds of the books focus on the war. Nothing really happens and it just goes on and on and on. I found myself skimming huge sections and giving up completely on 1017's parts. I just didn't see the point on using up over 400 pages on it. The final section was bit more interesting but by this point I didn't care and just wanted it to be over. The ending was semi interesting but didn't set the world alight for me at all. Certainly not worth the time and effort.


khorsheed said…
Well. I've just finished reading it and my thought was: "duh. Why is everyone raving about this thing?"
I'm relieved someone else didn't think it was worth reading.
Just how could it get nominated for the C. Clarke award? It baffles me.