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Review - Glimmerglass - Jenna Black

I enjoyed this book muchly, a fab little introduction to what could be an awesome series.

The book was extremely fast paced with hardly any let up throughout. I like the character of Dana you could see that she had obviously put up with a lot throughout her life but she wasn't perfect (like any other teenager) and often got herself into silly situations because of her own stupid mistakes.

I loved the setting of Avalon and how it was written as if it was matter of fact real. You can almost imagine walking in and around the place especially as the history was well researched and tied in well. When the idea of the Seelie and Unseelie courts was first mentioned with their red and white roses I immediately thought of the war of the roses and a few chapters on there it was!

I didn't really see the significance of the Faeriewalker deal but got it in the end although I still don't fully get it and assume it will be something that will be drawn out in later books.

I enjoyed the secondary characters my favourite being Kimber and Keane. I loved the girly but rock hard edge that Kimber brought to the story along with her whole back story that made you understand her a little more. I enjoyed the bad boy edge of Keane and hope that he is included much more in the future. I didn't fully like Ethan (although I assume he is the one we're all supposed to be drooling over) as I though he was too arrogant and smarmy.

If I was recommending this book to anyone I would certainly describe it as an introduction to the world of Avalon and Faerie. An awful lot happened and for me I would like a bit more background and detail to fully grasp everything that happened.


I started this book about 3 weeks ago and about 8 pages in had to put it down. Glad I read your review, will keep the book in my pile, but not read it right away.
Aleksandra said…
Great review! It's on my tbr list :)