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Review - Linger - Maggie Stiefvater

I simply loved this book and I'm going to find it hard to put into words to properly explain how much I loved it.
The main central theme / driving force of the book was the relationship between Sam and Grace which I absolutely loved. He is wonderfully gorgeous and them are quite simply made for each other. Each time they come up against an obstacle your heart breaks a little bit for them. I enjoyed the characters of Isabel and Cole and thought they were fab. The end is awesome (despite making you want to sob) and leaves you aching for more. The fact that the book was quite slow throughout didn't bother me in the slightest. Roll on the next book!


I too adored this book. I simply cant wait for FOREVER.
I want to adopt and cuddle Sam :D
Nat said…
Yes, it was a great one! Much better than Shiver, IMO!
That cover is cool, is that the UK version? I like the black.
it's the paperback version - don't know if it's exclusive to the UK. I couldn't get a hardback version over here
I still have this one to look forward to..