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author event - Sophie McKenzie

Today I met Sophie McKenzie!!!!

The Norfolk Children's book centre organised an event at our school. I was lucky enough to have a free afternoon and managed to get over and spend the afternoon with her and the kids (I was like an excited big kids myself - I love blood ties). She arrived early and had a spot of lunch with her publicist while she signed my books and chatted about the types of books she was into. She was interviewed by 5 or 6 of our kids then big an afternoon session with them. She started by introducing herself and her background as a writer. It was clear from what she said about how much she loves what she does. She then played a would you rather game to introduce the ideas of psychic abilities which are featured in her medusa project books. She read from her third medusa project book and then took questions from the kids about all of her books. It was a wonderful afternoon and lovely to hear her talk about her stories and how much she loved them and her characters. She was fab with the kids and was very happy to sign a variety of books, bookmarks and postercards for them. She littered her conversations with jokes and stories and came across as a very geniune lovely person.

On a side note any of you who are Norfolk the children's book centre often do signings in the evening at different events with a variety of children's authors. If you join their book club you can go to then from free or you can buy tickets for them. All details are on their website. Also if you are in the area it's really worth a visit. The staff are lovely (including some of my gorgeous ex pupils on a saturday) and it really is a little haven for book lovers. I believe even if you're not in the area they sell books on their site too.


iffath said…
Glad you had a good time! I met her on Wednesday for like the third time, at an event at my school, and I am really proud to say that she remembered me (mostly from my blog, though)!! :)
What a fantastic post and great place to go. Awesome well done :D