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Fab Friday Findings (1)

Hello all

I have been thinking of doing a few original features on the blog and this is what I have come up with. On Fab Friday Findings I will add a little post about something I have found or discovered over the week that I think you ought to know about. At the moment I am leaving it quite open what that may be - be it a book, a blog, a website or anything else that takes my fancy.

Today's pick is This technically isn't a new find as I used to work for them a few years ago (they have a shop alongside the website) but I love the owners, I love the stock (I used to buy for them - it was an awesome job) and I generally love artyfax!

Why should you log on?
  1. Whatever you buy, be it small, large, on the web or in person you will get the best customer service anywhere. Jenny who runs the shop is the best person I have ever worked for and she loves her stuff.
  2. They sell pilgrim jewellery - not really cheap but not expensive either - I love the stuff and have loads. My favourite piece is the turquoise butterfly bracelet. They actually sell a huge range of jewellery but I am in love with pilgrim. That said I have some gorgeous pieces of A and C jewellery too.
  3. They sell teddy bears  - Jenny treats them like her children that she has to adopt out. The most impressive one is Odin the 6 foot plus bear (they do have mini ones too!)
  4. They do amazing furniture and mirrors and the such like - I have an awesome turtle mirror at home in my bathroom.
  5. They do a huge selection of Yankee candles. I am not a candly type of girl but they are fab.
  6. The postage on jewellery orders is free.

 Oh and exciting news - check back tomorrow my first author interview with Emma Michaels - author of the Thirteenth Chime.

Doubly exciting on Sunday I am going to be featured on Amy's blog on her show me the shelves Sunday!